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October 1, 2008


by MullOverThis

Memo To:   O

Re:              Palin on your couch

This Palin appointment to the Republican ticket as Vice President of the United States of America has invoked furor from many angles.  Some Hilary Clinton supporters are insulted that some strategists might have actually thought that Palin would be a Clinton substitute simply because she is a woman.  SNL immediately answered with a dingbat versus brainer spoof to illustrate the insanity of that tactic. 

 Many feminists or progressive women are appalled that Palin–an arch enemy to murdering babies (commonly known as abortion)–might be the Vice President or if need be, President of the United States of America.  Palin is highly unfavorable to those concerned about protecting Roe v. Wade, the strides of sex education, and women’s rights in general.  Having made rape victims pay for their own rape kits because it burdened the taxpayer too much makes Palin seem a bit anti-woman or entirely too withdrawn from reality for quite a bit of American women.  But the brouhaha doesn’t stop there.  High powered Republican party women were in-sensed by an increasing public challenge to Palin’s credibility, competence and judgment to be suitable for such an appointment.  They felt the need to back of all attacks on the basis of sex, throwing a blanket of “don’t touch Palin or you’re sexist” on the tough self-described pit bull.  Of course, Elizabeth from The View is so irate with Palin attacks that she can hardly keep her cool.  Lizzie’s party loyalty is humorous and frightening at the same time.  A potent Palin defender like Elizabeth believes that Palin is ready to be the President of the United States.  I guess she bonds with Palin on the athletic-got-some-babies thing, and we are white, so we can do anything note. 

This Palin is acceptable, in large part, because she is  White is a reasonable conclusion.   We all know that if Palin’s name was Sharweka Jones, who took six years to graduate from four different colleges, described her husband as a good old black derogatory neighborhood term of endearment “my nigga”, bragged about her ability to hunt down animals as recreation from planes partially funded by government funds, had one Down’s Syndrome baby on her broad hips, while hugging her teenage daughter who is pregnant out of wedlock, with her baby’s daddy dressed in hard sole shoes and a tie standing by the Jones’ side, there would be no need for this memo.  White people and even Black folks would tell Sharweka Jones to take NWA (N-word with an attitude) off of her hips, with a name inspired by one of her favorite rap groups, and finish parenting her children, TouchDown, Foul, Safe, and Yaga2bkiddinme, all of whose names were inspired by the love of football.   Sharweka wouldn’t even surpass ridiculousness to cause the average voter to have to dig deeper into her performance to know that she was a joke.  All of the other questionable issues, such as motivations for firings in her office, or having hired an administrator to completely subsidize her own responsibilities as the small town mayor wouldn’t even get attention.  As a black woman, O, you know how the same foolishness that is clearly visible on black folks somehow becomes glistening qualities when white people want it to be right.  For your own reference, Tim Wise couldn’t have captured this concept better.  Take a moment and peruse This Is Your Nation On White Privilege, one of Wise’s latest articles posted on Red Room.

So now we come to how you become relevant in all of this.   We pretty much figured out that you thought you were an insular entity when it came to white maintstream women.  You’ve been telling the entire world, and they have been gleefully on-board, what to wear, what not to do, what to buy, what to read, what to watch, what to think, how to be hip, when to move on, and the whole nine yards.  An appearance on Oprah’s day-time talk show pretty much makes or breaks a situation because of your influence.  At least this holds true for the idiots who can’t think for themselves and realize that with all of your brilliance, you have been and will continue to be wrong from time to time simply because you are human and don’t always espouse the same values.  And, for those who are Christians and believe in demons, we certainly cannot give you too much regard when you invite guests to summons demons to appear, and hopefully will have the power to re-summons Abraham’s spirit to appear on another episode of your show.  Some of us realize that you are a person who has a right to think what you want to, even if you are an ardent supporter of Obama who has thrown your weight of influence, star-power, and mullah to help Obama win the election.  You are a citizen and have a right to want to see your candidate of choice make it to the White House. 

Just in case you were unaware, a number of white women don’t care about your personal or professional standards in not permitting Palin to be interviewed on your show.  They want to see Palin hit your couch with the cameras rolling.  They have a right, at least in their minds, to see their girl get the Oprah exposure.  Never mind your even-handed policy which has stated that during the campaign, you would not have any of the candidates on your show.  That is not enough, because it doesn’t give Palin supporters what they want.  What they want is to see her in a setting that they are familiar with:  your set and you.  So, here’s a compromise for you to consider.  Ship your couch to Ellen, Martha Stewart, or Bonnie and let’s see how much influence they can muster-up to help appease the pain you’ve inflicted on the moms and housewives who can identify with Palin.  Maybe Rosie will even come out of retirement to put her status signature on Palin.

The other alternative will have to include waiting for these up-risers to calm-down, or to live with their threats to never watch your show again.  In either case, you will still be O and have millions of viewers all over the world.  Somehow, I think you’ll more than survive.

June 29, 2008

Nader Accuses Obama of “Talking White”

by MullOverThis

Here we go again.   Every now and again, I cannot contain my ability to allow Whiteys to brief themselves and simply mind my business. 

Although they may be polar opposites, Pat Buchanan’s fellow Blackman Detective Ralph Nader, accused Democratic Presidential Nominee, Senator Bararck Obama of “talking white”.  It is important to comprehend the context of this remark to fully appreciate what Nader is communicating.

Apparently, Nader is miffed by Obama’s political agenda because it does not include–or at least has not widely pushed–the issues that plague the abject poor.  Although I wholeheartedly and cannot emphasize enough how much I agree, I cannot side with Detective Nader this time.  Predatory lending, payday loans and the like should be addressed by the Obama campaign along with a number of other issues that plague, transcend and certainly is not limited to  the Black community.  However, Obama is not the candidate of the Black Community and never has been.  This is what distinguishes him from the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons of the political world.  This is what may even get Obama into the White House.  He is not alienating white people because he is not a crusader for Black people.  White people don’t have to feel threatened by Obama.  Obama is not “talking White”.  He is talking what he so-called believes in.  If what he believes in is “white”, then remember, Nader said it first.   We just may have to accept that White talk is non-Black community, non-poor or working class talk, according to white political detectives.  By the way, who gave Nader his detective badge and authority? Whoever credentialed him in this regard is a target for citizens arrest.

Obama is the people’s candidate.  Folks, Obama wants to see everybody happy and fusion in the melting pot of America.  Can’t we all just get along?  In Obama’s world one day we will all–the teenage mothers who kill unborn babies without parental consent, along with the conservative Christian right, human beings with male genitalia and female breast implants who are a man on Monday and a woman on Thursday, Black militant leaders (at least until they become too vocal and threaten his popularity), with young KKK prospects, skinheads, aryans, Farrahkhanites, and Oprah along with her occult spiritual advisors, the Bible toting believers and all, rich and poor, gun control advocates and right to bear arm purists–live and be free, free at last, from and bounds of human decency and morality all with an occasional Obamian attempt to abuse the Bible to justify this unity. 

Let’s be excited about our Country and the opportunity for Obama, a Black man, to finally be President.  But let’s not forget to be excited about the ideals of faith in the God of the Bible as a Christian nation.  And let’s certainly not forget that Obama is a man who happens to be Black and is free to be who he is.  He should not be held to represent a community that he does not, simply because he is Black.  White talk is not serious Presidential talk.  Obama is talking competent candidate talk.  Obama is simply being a man who reflects his earnest convictions, much of which I adamantly disagree with. 

So Nader has done as Whitey always does.  “Missed it” because he is clueless.  Once White men learn that they are not Black, and can never speak for a Black man or the Black community, they will stop trying to tell Black people how Black they are, and are not and what their speech is, and is not.  The Naders of this world will realize that–after they just may have to be treated for shock–the Black community is not homogeneous, and every successful Black person does and may not relate to what a white man thinks should be important to our community.

I’m sure Nader has good common sense but this was just a glitch in his pompous brain.  An inverse analysis would suggest that golfing, badminton, the prime rate, Haliburton, and private banking is appropriate talk for white politicians.  Or better yet, Nader “talks Black” by his own standards. 

Moderator’s Note:  I do not believe that Nader is a racist, or a white man oblivious to what concerns many in the Black community.  He is simply engaging in Whitey behavior by suggesting that Obama’s decided calling card during his campaign should emphasize the poor.  

January 7, 2008

This Is A Job For A Super Do-Gooder…Oprah, Dr. Phil, Ellen, Ty Pennington, Jakes, any Volunteers?

by MullOverThis

One change that prisoners are able to keep up with is television.  Television programming indicates that reality and talk shows are the order of the day.  We have so many that are based upon doing good that I would like to suppose an opportunity for two hometowns in America:  Rally around the do-gooder that will take the helm and let the Chambers of Commerce, talk show hosts, local churches (synagogues or worship centers), charities, department stores and corporations know that Martin Tankleff and Charles Allen Chapman are back in town.  These two men spent 17 and 27 years, respectively, in jail for crimes they did not commit.  Instead of having to live with the “I wonder if he really did it” aura that will plague the decadent, these two men ought to receive a red carpet welcome back into their communities with car keys, educational costs, counseling, health care and renovated homes in tow.  No one or nothing can recompense these gentlemen for years of dreams, desires, and opportunities gone awry  at the hands of a judicial system that is supposed to protect them and does just that for most.   We ought to show them the same love that we often show families with multiple births, whose homes  burn down, or fall upon hard times.  Their faith in our country and the general goodwill of its people can be super-sized– along with all the other men and women who have been wrongfully convicted–with a genuine homecoming reception.  Here’s a caveat for you.  The same faulty gaps in the walls of our justice system that protect us today could be a foray that destroys everything we have worked to build as part of the American dream at the end of today.

A nightmare would best describe what Martin Tankleff experienced.  In 1988 at the tender age of 17, Martin found his parents,  Seymour and Arlene Tankleff, brutally slain in their Long Island, New York home.  Two years later, Tankleff received a 50 years to life sentence for murdering his parents based upon a confession that he was tricked into giving, and recanted almost immediately.  The questionable interrogation tactics got the lead detectives a closed file and inflicted tragedy upon tragedy.  Tankleff never stopped his relentless pursuit to be freed.  According to a NY Times report, “Mr. Tankleff’s lawyers were quick to give their client credit for forging his own path toward freedom, describing him as a tenacious correspondent who wrote thousands of letters to lawyers, judges and investigators and appealed widely for help from friends and acquaintances.” A number of legal professionals responded to Tankleff’s case, some of who volunteered for over ten years to see Tankleff experience this time in his life.    Seventeen years later, he has been released as per an  appellate court decision ordering a new trial based upon “new” evidence.   The Suffolk County District Attorney’s office has announced they will not pursue new murder charges against Tankleff.  One of the first things Martin Tankleff did was visit the grave-site of his parents on New Years Day. 

Charles Allen Chapman has a different but equally daunting story.   In 1981, a Dallas County, Texas Court sent Mr. Chapman up the river for 99 years for  aggravated rape.  Mr. Chapman, a 20 year old  African American man parolee for burglary at the time, was convicted largely because the victim identified him as the perpetrator from a line-up.  Mr. Chapman and the victim were neighbors on the same block for almost 14 years and he had an alibi at work during the time of the attack.  But the outcome for him was not surprising at all: Raped White woman points finger at Black man, whatever it takes, that Black man goes to jail.  Chapman has always maintained his innocence, and bidded for DNA testing of the semen samples over the years.  His first two test results were “inconclusive”.  With DNA testing technological advances, the third and most recent special test proved that Chapman could not have raped his neighbor who identified him 27 years ago.  By the way, Mr. Chapman had been up for parole a few times and refused to admit that he was a rapist and denied parole each time. He happens to be a Texan, from the good ole state that has released the most wrongfully convicted offenders with the advent of DNA testing. Mr. Chapman credits his faith with sustaining him through his 27 year trial.

These are just two men who have another chance and shouldn’t have lost the first one.  Let the acme of their stories be that they made the best of life because although they were imprisoned, they were never in prison where it mattered–in their minds.  We can help these men by supporting them and seriously listening to the pleas of many others like them who are still incarcerated.  The Innocence Project is a great organization that works to wake these victims up and pronounce to them that the nightmare is over. Let’s welcome them back and support the Innocence Project and other efforts to hear the cries of the wrongfully imprisoned.

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