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January 1, 2008

THE UNTOUCHABLES Part II: No Gay Funerals Here

by MullOverThis

images1.jpgimages1.jpgimages.jpg                 It is the wee hours of the early AM, January 1, 2008.  As I reflect on the great things I heard of around this country last year, one of the most impressionable has to be of the stance the Arlington, Texas High Point Church took in refusing to funeralize a gay man in the sanctuary.

It is an arduous task to be objective, not merely malleable, on a day-to-day basis as it is.  When death appears sometimes that is a high time to live solely in our emotions because we can barely handle the reality that a loved one is no longer with us in this in this earthly life.  During these times we must attempt to manage the trips from the conscious to the sub-conscious and back, and still exist with gaping voids that come with the territory of denial, shock, grief and mortal death.

So it is not without compassion and understanding that I reflect on the decision that faithful church made.  It is with agreement with their audacity to stand for principle and not cow-towing to public opinion, nepotism, or possible attacks from one of the most unrelenting public interest groups in refusing to allow the lifestyle of homosexuality to be part of a celebration of any person’s life, dead or alive, in the house of God that I reflect. The Word of God and the Truth does not operate according to our feelings or thoughts. Our thoughts and feelings should be framed by the Word of God. (Romans 1:24-28; 1 Cor 6:9,10; 1 John 2:15-17; 1 John 4:11-13; 2 Peter 1:3-4; 8 Chap. Romans)

According to a number of reports, the Highland Church agreed to host the funeral as one of the decedent’s family members attended the church (and if I remember correctly, worked on the staff).  Upon learning of the family’s funeral plans in detail, amidst the fact that they wanted to highlight pictures of intimacy between two gay  men at the funeral, and have adulations from gay friends, the church made a decision not to permit the funeral.  During the time of this controversy when I read the church website statement the High Point leadership stated they did not just leave the family with no alternatives.  They provided food for the entire family, found an alternate location for the funeral, and offered to pay for additional expenses.  That is truly the love of God, because I would not have even done that.  The world has got to be crazy to think that they should be able to have gay lovers and cohorts stand in the house of God and reflect and celebrate their lives based upon what the Bible considers to be a sinful lifestyle.  While we do have a flood of homosexuals in mainstream churches across this land, enough of them realize the truth to the degree that they don’t expect the church to celebrate their lifestyle.  The ones who insist on gayitizing David & Jonathan, Jesus, their pet, the spaghetti dinner, plants and the newspaper have enough good sense to join gatherings of people who go for sin and the lifestyle (cause there are no gay churches of the Lord Jesus Christ) and give that a name. 

So while this was a sticky situation where many might find it untouchable, in this blogosphere we are enthused beyond words that this church upheld the banner of righteousness and demonstrated love towards the family at the same time.  In a world where cowards consistently do what is easier as opposed to what is right and difficult, thank the Lord for the High Point Church and others like them who are committed to letting the world know that the church of the Lord Jesus Christ understands true righteousness before the Lord: where our duties are our rights NOT our rights are our duties (we are supposed to be/do what we are entitled to through the “rights” from the Word of God, not have rights based upon what we do/who we are). The High Point Church were not popular in their position but neither was Jesus Christ. 

I pray and look forward to more of these stands this year.  It is a new beginning, and I hope that the Body of Christ will continue to live, breathe and exemplify the heart of God while NEVER compromising to the pressures from those who have a deaf ear to the Word of God.  We must live and cause others to see God, not allow their lives and worldly desires to influence and convert us. When we love God, our loyalty is to Him, not people who want to throw the “love” blanket over every abominable thing and try to bring it to God and expect Him, or His people to bless it. True love is telling the truth and establishing limitations even when it hurts.

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