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July 1, 2008

Obama & Clinton Meet to Unify the Democratic Party

by MullOverThis

I don’t think these two have the power to unify the Democratic Party.  They do, however, have the ability to put differences aside and make the best of the mayhem.  Obama and Clinton have negotiations underway with the genius of a familiar attorney to both of them–their book deal patron,  Robert B. Barnett.

Reputedly at issue are some housecleaning concerns such as Hilary’s campaign debt, her role in the upcoming national convention and on the campaign road, and the use of Clinton’s former staff in Obama’s campaign.  My advice to Senator Obama and his assortment of advisors is well represented in a mulloverthis comment posted on the Root:

“…To all Obamaites who think that he can win without the support of Clintonites, think again.  Obama BARELY won the popular vote.  According to presidential history, he did not prevail in enough key states to beat McCain in the delegate counts either.  Hilary moreso prevailed in the “major” states.  Unity–or at least settling for best of the least– is a prerequiste for Obama to be our next president.  So, Obama and his deluded champions need to calm down and figure out how to secure Hilary supporter votes and those of non-war non-Bush republicans.  That is the only way Obama has a chance.  Remember, he hardly beat Hilary, who could follow the leads of the other democratic presidential campaign drop-outs:  Hold a press conference, endorse Barack, and go on vacation. ” 

In other words, Obama needs to try his best to supplement Hilary Clinton’s expenses for the national convention and make Clintonites feel well-adjusted in transitioning to his camp, at least to the millions that will take the leap. Let this quest for unity be a litmus test for Obama’s ability to unify America. 

Obama, we are watching. You ought to be able to converge with one commander-in-chiefing woman.

May 15, 2008

Call for DNC to Deal Fairly

by MullOverThis

Lou Dobbs posed the question to his guests on today’s show, “WOULD EVERYONE HERE AGREE THAT THIS IS A BROKERED NOMINATION?”  The press and political pundits have already dropped out of the race before all the votes have been counted.  TIME Magazine’s cover story  is “And the winner is…” with a picture of Barack Obama.  The so-called experts have moved on to the question of will Obama beat McCain.  Yet, the reality is that neither Obama or Clinton have enough delegates to secure the nomination.  So, if Hilary is squeezed out of the race for the cause of “unity” within party ranks, the Democratic party can concentrate on ending the White House Republican regime.  Ignore the polls showing that the majority of democrats want the race between Hilary and Obama to continue.  

I have a solution.  Since there is this urgency for synergy within party ranks to prepare for  McCain, let the movers and shakers call for Obama to drop out.  His lead over Hilary in the popular vote is like splitting hairs.  Super-delegates will pay attention to the popular vote.  John Edwards endorsed Barack Obama, which is not surprising at all.  Although Edwards made a number of gratuitous comments regarding Hilary, he stated he believed the “man” for the job was Barack Obama. Consequently, the super-delegates committed to Edwards may transfer to Senator Barack Obama.   The good old boys are squeezing hard. It is hard to believe that if Hilary were a white male with the same stats and prospects in the remaining primaries, there would be so much pandering and overt requests to just give up.

Clinton believes she may still win the nomination.  Clinton’s call for Michigan and Florida’s delegates to not only be seated, but their votes counted (representing over 2.3 million popular votes) during the DNC convention is controversial.   Obama was not on those tickets, so he will not get any delegates if these votes are counted.  This, according to some commentators, will not be fair to Senator Obama.  The rights of United States citizens to have their votes counted should not be balanced against what is fair to the leading candidate.  This Obamamania is starting to make some otherwise reasonable individuals delusional.  Since when are voting rights contingent upon how it will affect a candidate’s standing?  Well, the pressure is on to make one contender the winner.   The mele is politics-as-usual, whether Obama wants to admit it or not.

Those who still have to vote, do not fall prey to the influence of those who have already decided there is a Democratic nominee.  Know that your vote is supposed to count.  Media bias may dissuade some people some of the time, but it won’t fool all of the people all of the time.  The press will continue to distort commentaries to feed a spin–as in alleging that Hilary relied on working class people, white people, to get the win in West Virginia to substantiate the Clintons and their race card tactics–while the only people who will really pay the piper are the Americans who drink the kool-aid and fall for the hype.