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June 3, 2011

Palin For President

by MullOverThis

Palin for President.

The only Presidential pull Governor Sarah Palin will have, is  President of her own book club, Lipsticks for Pit Bulls, or Hockey Moms of redneck America.

The hockey mom pit bull proponent need not think that because she still has a strong fan base, that her supporters will translate into a political constituency that will put her in the oval office.  Homegirl, oops, lipstick lady, didn’t even complete her gubernatorial term in serving Alaskans.  The bling bling from a network show, book royalties, and interviews extraordinaire seemed too honorable for Mrs. Palin to forsake when weighted against fulfilling the mandates of public office.

So, pundits, relax.  Sarah’s voice will continue to be heard, but not from the Presidential office.  No one in her right mind will knowingly make her POTUS.  Even Rush Limbaugh couldn’t pull this off.

Nuff said.


July 16, 2009

Bill O’Reilly on MJ

by MullOverThis

Right on Bill. 


You hit the nail on the head and smashed it, with a few exceptions.

Although Sharpton has been a long-time friend of the Jackson family, he is “milking” the moment.   

MJ was just an entertainer to many.  Not all Black folks are drinking the kool aid on this one and certainly many of us have not “heroized”, or deified Michael Jackson.  Personally, MJ’s life was tragic and he did not live a life that anyone should want to emulate.  Human compassion causes the good in us to want to see the good in others.  So, even in death, as with most human beings, we don’t focus on all of the gutter talking points on a person’s life.  But the reality is, Michael Jackson did not provide an ideal life for celebrity children as they were reputedly never around any other children (while MJ has been quoted numerous  times as saying children were the only reason worth living) and significantly deprived them of normal socialization skills.  MJ’s conscious construction of his children through ensuring their sperm donors were White and carving their nifty womb-for-hire mothers out of their lives wreak of self-hatred.  Self-loathing Blacks could not have had a better spokesperson, being that MJ planned to and did legally procreate non-Black children, and actually “de-Blacked” himself as much as he could.  Forget the debt factor in relation to the philanthropic giving.  His spending on medication–allegedly because of  drug dependency–in what really needs to be examined.  Additionally, no well-adjusted stable grown man walks around in underwear entertaining and befriending young boys whether there was literal pedophilic contact or not.  People have the audacity to laud MJ for being a great father while living a life allegedly riddled with drug addiction.  I will have to agree with you, that only in this country can someone be so visibly inept and then celebrated because he was a paramount entertainer.  FYI Bill:  Many African Americans raise their children NOT to be like Michael Jackson.  Who wants to live and probably not be genuinely fulfilled?

Lastly Bill, you have conveniently overlooked a number of other endearing commentaries from White people during MJ’s celebration of life that was more than delusional.  Brooke Shields immediately comes to mind.   Please be equitable and just in your disdain for the post-mortem crowning of MJ by his fans, which may be quite difficult for you as is often the case for White folk who try to analyze Black folk.  By the way, some of MJ’s largest and most lucrative concerts were played before audiences of people that looked like MJ’s kids, MJ after enough plastic surgery to re-compose himself, and your own (Bill O’Reilly’s) family–White people.  So, the absurd international influence MJ has had has never been a Black thing, and cannot ever credibly be characterized as such.

Note:  Clearly, MJ’s fan base is not solely comprised of African-Americans and White people.  MJ’s influence crossed all so-called barriers and stratifications.  This post is specifically designed to respond to the criticism of Bill O’Reilly and his take on the media and public’s reaction to MJ’s death.


October 14, 2008


by MullOverThis

Amazingly, Bill O’Reilly and many others can’t see the code language of this Presidential Election.  Marc Lamont Hill appeared on Bill’s show last week.  MarC took issue with certain code language,  the repeated use of which obviously sends an implicit message to a specific consitutency.  Or, at the very least, certainly excludes a specific constituency.  Although Bill was not a ravenous bull with Marc, he did not agree.  He could not comprehend how Marc could put such an onous on mere words.

Really?  Now, that’s incredible. 

Palin can reach out to the “hockey mom”, “six pack Joe”, and “redneck”.  Who is Sarah Palin’s fishnet designed to reach?  Amazingly, Oprah reaches the same crowd with simply being herself, a woman who grew up as a young nappy headed black girl from the South who was molested by her family member, became promiscuous, lost a baby as a young teenager, and got back on track and never went back.  Today, she is an entertainment mogul and leading voice of influence (which Mulloverthis does not advocate) to people all over the world.  Sarah Palin can’t put her batteries in her brain and get behind a podium and think that most African Americans will relate to her.  Regardless of which economic classification, cultural affinity, or upbringing, African Americans are not rednecks and overwhelmingly, are not hockey moms.  The hockey rinks all over this great land the RNC platform and attendance during the convention reflect this obvious gap and mismatch.

Roland Martin, a CNN contributor, also tagged this issue this past weekend.  However, an African-American female analyst would not be boxed in, because she played soccer, so her mother was a soccer mom.  She could relate to Sarah Palin.  This kind of relatedness explains why so many African-Americans do overwhelmingly relate to the Republican party platform on values and moral isssues, yet choose to register and vote Democrat.  Somehow, the Democratic code language tends to be more endearing to the masses of diverse African-Americans.  Maybe that is attributable to the use of language that is not automatically exlusionary.  Imagine the array of Obama supporters if his public addresses were laden with remarks like “I’m just an average brother“.  Bill O’Reilly would put his thinking cap on and recognize that Obama wasn’t “reaching” out to him, or men like him, at all.

So Palin has won the attention of women who can relate to raising children, professional women who juggle family and career, and conservate Christian women because we can relate to her.  However, those who she can relate to, puts us in another ballpark.  Her language and words indicate that she is reaching for the sixpack Joe and the mothers of the overwhelmingly White hockey players.