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November 17, 2010

Recent Travels

by MullOverThis


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I hadn’t blogged in quite some time because I woke up one morning almost one year ago and had a simple realization. Unlike the Felidae family, we (2010 human beings) don’t even have the luxury of faux notions in existence as if we have nine lives. The kiddo realized I only have one life to live and while I can, I’m going to exhaust life. Instead of merely reaching the bounds of the earth through vicarious expeditions on television, the internet and the stories of others, I was going to create my own opinion about the world and edit my own story of the boundless beauties, rich cultures, heritages and lifestyles of the world.

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July 27, 2009

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Revisited

by MullOverThis

For all the racial profiling assessors regarding the Louis Henry Gates, Jr. arrest, looks like the record of the 911 call and the released notes from the arresting and other officers clearly demonstrates that some people need to leave “THE MAN” alone.

Knowledge is power. Nonetheless, people who live to be right in their own eyes will still try to extract some adverse racial motivations from actions and dialogue in the highly over-publicizied incident when there was none. At least on the part of Crowley, the arresting officer, towards Gates.

Now, Mr. Gates is reputedly calling for the nation to move on. This magnanimous stance is quite convenient as it comes after the transcripts and notes show Gates escalated and really charged the entire incident and called a cop with a good record a “racist” simply because the cop did his job and had a spat with Gates, a Black man.

Obama needs to think again when attempting to defend any of his homeboys. Correction: “esteemed colleagues”.