Father’s Day Is Not Mother’s Day?

by MullOverThis

Had I not seen this heart-wrenching ad from Johnson’s, I would not have even known.  Go figure.

Who would think that on a day designated for FATHERS and the appreciation of them, we should sit around honoring MOTHERS when we already have a day to celebrate moms?  That would be completely insane because it is logical and makes good common sense. But, since what is intriguing and debatable is what most people stuck in the dark ages would call foolery, nonsense and pure stupidity, by today’s standards, this ad makes good marketing.

On Father’s Day, let’s pay tribute to the Mothers who aren’t and can never be Fathers, unless Caitlyn Jenner and her crew are the honorees.

On Father’s Day, let’s act like Mother’s Day isn’t the time to honor Mothers and focus on Mothers to completely emasculate men a little bit more.

Let’s celebrate the moms who do it all by themselves, oftentimes because they have chosen to eliminate the fathers of their children from the family. You know, the ones who move out of state because of a job opportunity, or to start a new life–as if dads aren’t essential and can be part of the “old”. The single mothers who aren’t going to be told what to do with “MY” kids by “ANY MAN” should definitely have extra Johnson’s products to wipe away their tears on such a day. The single mothers who really never raise children by themselves, but discount, ignore and don’t appreciate anything fathers do for their children and obstruct good relationships between fathers and children should be upheld, right? The single mothers who refuse to co-parent and continually express their disdain for any input from fathers as “control” want their props on this day and now, Johnson’s helps to foster this “rightness” with an ad paying homage to moms, on Father’s Day.

What a blip.

Undoubtedly, there are single mothers who have become single because of the loss of husbands or fathers who have passed away or are legitimately unavailable. Others have become single moms because they picked fathers from a portfolio; There are single moms who have been abandoned and regardless of what they do, fathers will not acknowledge or raise their children; There are single mothers who praise the fathers who are great dads and appreciate the men who stand by their children. There are wonderful single mothers–these are the ones who “tend” to be sane and sound enough to know that Father’s Day is for Fathers and they are NOT men, will never be men, don’t want to be men, don’t want recognition as such, and are happy to be the best MOTHERS to their children.

It’s a shame or nowadays, an act of bravery to stand up and declare how wonderful a woman has been in being a mother & father in her child’s life on Father’s Day because she has been a mother and father. I’m fine with this craziness because scalloped potates is now vegetable lasagne.

When Mothers can simply accept the fact that they are not the best fathers, cannot fulfill the role of fathers, and are great moms–if they are–we’ll be back to a better place in the family.

As a woman, this move towards acknowledging moms on Father’s Day needs to stop. Focus on celebrating FATHERS. If you cannot look around and find an uncle, co-worker, barber, son, cousin, butcher or tennis coach to celebrate as a father, then try sketching a porcupine for the day.



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