Duhville Has Residents

by MullOverThis

First of all, Duhville does exist.

And, there are some inhabitants who have made a conscious decision to dwell there.

So a young lady–again, other than this has all of her marbles–went to visit her eye doctor. Her doctor told her she is “near-sighted” and explained that this means she cannot see things that are near but sees things far away.  Since I had not taken my MYOB pills for the day, of course I had to get involved.

I told the young lady that if she is truly “near-sighted”, obviously she can see things that are near. Near-sighted…duh… good vision for things that are near.  I tried to explain to her the language is akin to being “top-heavy”, for example.  If you are top-heavy, chances are the bosom is full, voluptuous, or darn-it, heavy!  That does not necessarily mean that your bottom is lean.  One may be top-heavy and bottom-heavy, too.

Nonetheless, the newest Duhville resident insists that she cannot see things near to her because her doctor said the meanings of far and nearsighted are completely opposite.  She was alarmed when the doctor told her this (I think she was drunk or half-asleep) but after all, a “doctor” should know better than non-Duhville residents.

A litany of google sites, online dictionaries and good ole common sense didn’t trump the eye doctor’s word.  

I’m not certain that the eye doctor literally relayed this misinformation or if the new Duhville resident misinterpreted the doctor’s diagnosis.  Wherever the breakdown occurred, a person who leaps over the obvious to trust another “expert” is sure to put up a brass house number on a prime street location in Duhville.

Help us.




One Comment to “Duhville Has Residents”

  1. This post really serves as a parable to a larger thought, that some people do not use logic–or common sense for that matter–to draw proper conclusions. They leave it to someone else who is deemed an expert; someone who they elevate above themselves, and thus blindly trust all that they say in the face of evidence that says otherwise. This is where people turn into sheeple. This is how the person in the back of the line who sees all of the people before her falling into the ditch winds up falling in as well. This reminds me of a story of a woman who had to pick someone up from the airport in Brussels. The lady relied on her GPS despite the fact that she found herself in Germany. Her excuse was that was what the GPS told her to do. Now take that and apply it to a larger thought. DEEP.

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