by MullOverThis

Here are some “niceities” that just might make 2013 and beyond a good time in your life:

1.  Speak to people who you work with every day.  If you slip and fall in the parking lot, that won’t be the best time to “all of a sudden” decide to introduce yourself to workplace colleagues.

2. Help someone who is in need.  For real.

3.  Respect others.  If you address the homeless vagrant with the same respect as Michelle Obama, you’re more likely than not going to get the best effort from the homeless man.

4.  Don’t burn bridges, especially if you can’t swim.  Why drown when you can have a safe way to get across the river?

5.  Be kind to yourself.  Affirm what is good and make a decision to change  the part of you that needs improvement.

6.  Smile.  Smile some more.

7.  Discover the good in others.

8.  Value patience.

9.  Eat better.

10.  Visit some place  you’ve never been before.  Even if  you take the city bus for two extra stops one day, make sure you see more of the world.


One Comment to “Niceities”

  1. Cheers pal. I do aprctpiaee the writing.

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