Bubble Bath, A Smile and A Grandbaby

by MullOverThis

More ridiculousness.

At what point in time do Black chhhhuch folk stop defending ridiculoids?

What grown behind man let’s his granddaughter get in a tub with him because she wants to?

If grandbaby wants to smoke crack, does granddaddy comply?

Does Bishop Grandaddy Larry Trotter think his grown behind self should be in a bathtub with a female child?  Lawd ha maucy.  Really?  Really?  A grown behind man who is supposed to know Jesus, in a bathtub with a young female child and is supposed to be sane.

The Michael Jackson mentality with over-friendliness, over-love and over-affection for children to the point where men feel the need to be nearly naked and “loving,” is infectious. Bishop Larry Trotter caught this bug and he needs to be delivered.

Ain’t no way I would sit under a clown this silly.  Judgment?  It must have run down the drain with the bubble bath…



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