Gayitism at the 2013 Golden Globes

by MullOverThis

Can somebody “splain to me” why Jodi Foster (one of the most talented actresses of all time) thinks the Golden Globe Awards was the appropriate setting to make her sexuality and privacy concerns an issue while being honored for her body of work as an actress?

Gay folks would be up in arms if any heterosexual took that same forum to announce her heterosexuality and reinforce their privileges and rights to a traditional family.  Do heteros get up an an annual office event and since they have a captive audience, declare and crack jokes about their heterosexuality?

More gayitizing with a grin.  Sheer ridiculousness.Image



3 Comments to “Gayitism at the 2013 Golden Globes”

  1. I think her point was that there is no appropriate platform to come out- hence she should not be expected to. She has a right to her own privacy.

  2. I’ll take a stab at that. For a long time actors could ruin their careers for being discovered as gay. Even now it can be problematic and risky. So, although she has been out semi-publicly for years, it is still brave to Come Out publicly. Public figures Coming Out is an important thing to see for the many people who still live in areas of the country or with families who aren’t supportive. It shows gay people can be successful and have happy lives.

    Gay folks would be up in arms if any heterosexual took that same forum to announce her heterosexuality and reinforce their privileges and rights to a traditional family.
    Heterosexuals don’t need that forum; being straight is accepted and even now somewhat expected (the parlance is Straight Privilege).

    Jodi Foster was winning the Cecile B. DeMille award which I understand to be the Golden Globe equivalent of the Academy Awards Lifetime Achievement Award. I think it is appropriate for her speech to be personal in addition to professional. It is traditional to thank one’s family during such a speech – is she supposed to thank her family without acknowledging her co-parent and former partner? She’s been a public figure for, as she says in the speech, 47 years. I don’t think it’s strange or inappropriate for her to make a Coming Out speech on her 50th birthday in the setting she’s been living in since she was 3.


  3. Hi Sara,

    It’s been a minute! I do respect your opine.

    However, actors could ruin their careers for a number of things. Arnold didn’t take a stab at redeeming his cheating butt. There is absolutely nothing wrong with thanking your family and people who make that all-so-important list. She is an actress and talked about the need for privacy, yet felt the need to “come out” and speak about everything that had nothing to do with ACTING, her films, her career because she had the focus of the millions in the audience.

    I still believe that is “shady” and in line with gayitism. Gays (and of course, not all gays) don’t want to be treated differently because they are gay while they make everything that has nothing to do with their sexuality, sexual preference, or relationship status relevant because they cannot function without making sure people accept them.

    Now, Jodi Foster has made what should be private–because it should be her personal business–a matter of the Golden Globes and undermined her own feigned cry for privacy.

    Triflinicity galore.

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