NY’s Mayor Bloomberg Tells Obama Not Here, Not Now

by MullOverThis

Of course, Mayor Bloomberg is reputedly racist to tell our President NOT to come to survey the damage immediately following the worst natural disaster to every hit the state of New York.  Well, banana peel folk who make everything “racist,” are rattling!

Why would any NYC Mayor tell the POTUS not to come when Obama was planning to visit and assure the people that he cares?  Because whenever the POTUS shows up, the city always cooperates with the secret service to shut down areas where the POTUS will be operative.  Question:  Who the heck has time for that when the city subway system is still underwater?  When the city is in a state of emergency to get gas, electricity, heat and water?  Although the POTUS has every right to make an appearance and probably does care, his visit is understandably not a critical priority.

NYC is, thank God, much like London and Los Angeles.  They are municipalities that do not rely upon the country for their own safety.  NYC has its own intelligence and although it obviously works in tandem with the federal government and is under the jurisdiction of the United States of America, is largely independent in function.

During 9/11, then NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani did not wait for Bush’s assessment of the catastrophe in order to completely undergo emergency relief.  President Bush did not arrive in New York until September 14, 2011, three days later.  Both Bush and Giuliani are Caucasian and Bush probably had more of a presidential need to appear in New York because it was the hardest hit United States territory in a terrorist attack against our nation.  Racism?  Naw.

Of course, any anti-Obama moves is racist in the world of over-offended Black folk.  I’m good and Black, but do not suffer from this condition.  I would have told Obama to take a chill pill, too.  Obviously, our goodly President didn’t take issue because he didn’t come.  The visual visit is not going to get New York one less federal dollar in relief.


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