On President Obama’s Same-Sex Marriage Position

by MullOverThis

This post will be short.

Who is surprised?

Really?  Who?

If the Anti-Christ rears his head and President Obama can find his way to a camera, I believe he’ll be primed, pecked and ready to endorse the Anti-Christ while noting that he is a Christian.

Alarming!  OMG!  Yeah, but the beloved Black President can flagrantly endorse abortion and same-sex marriage and the blind Black Church still finds a way to endorse their President.   

Nuff said.



One Comment to “On President Obama’s Same-Sex Marriage Position”

  1. The reality is the President is not our moral leader, and I think we as Christians need to stop judging a President based on where he stands on our pet issues. George Bush was a conservative and against the issues listed above. However, he ran this economy into the ground, sent off husbands and sons to fight a baseless war, and a plethora of other things that left the American people asking why. I do not agree with Obama’s liberal agenda, but I agree with his desires to see unemployed people working, hungry people eating, homeless people in homes, and soldiers able to go home to their families with all of their members in tact. The black church helped put Obama in office knowing the man was a liberal. Now it’s time to deal with the decision.

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