Le’Andria Johnson Pregnant Again

by MullOverThis

This is public knowledge, now.

Many are talking about the proper recourse for this gospel singer.  Should she be penalized for being pregnant when she probably is no different that others in her shoes (music artists), or worshippers who fornicate anyway?

Well, the answer isn’t complicated.  We don’t ever sanction an right response to wrong based upon what everyone else who is doing wrong is or is not enduring.  We don’t decide whether a murderer–an extreme example simply to make the point–should be dealt with justly, based upon all the other free murderers who have not been busted and sentenced.

One common response has been, she hasn’t done any wrong that everyone else hasn’t done.  Everybody does something wrong.

Let’s address that, too:

We stand before a Holy God, right now. And, when we have done wrong, we’ve got to be ACCOUNTABLE to God and to one another. So, yes, correction is appropriate. A fornicating pastor found out needs to SIT down and so does a public worshipper who can’t manage to stop fornicating. Period. The church is not refrained from its call to bring correction and maintain the standard that everything goes, cuz we all sin nonsense. Keep reading…we all fall short BUT because of Christ, we didn’t stay there. We have victory and should–at some point–conquer sin. And, if we can’t, put the mike down and work on doing just that. Be the testimony that we want to sing about.

For Le’Andria, she does depict God’s grace.  God’s grace also includes His love and reproof.  The charge for the church to bring correction and present leaders that can live what we preach and sing about must be upheld.  I’ll love Le’Andria no less.  In fact, I hope to love her even more.  However, she needs to sit her behind down and figure out how to get enough of this foot stompin, Holy Ghost movin’ power to keep her legs closed until she is in a covenant relationship with a husband.




30 Comments to “Le’Andria Johnson Pregnant Again”

  1. People are so quick to judge. we all have fell short once upon on time. i love her in support her. she is reaching several people. Her relationship is between her in God. Support her by praying for with a sincere heart. not by making stuipd remarks. i thank God he is the judge and not you! If you really want to help someone pray for them. I’m happy she did nit kill her baby to “try” to make mankind happy.

    • Mamajones, people aren’t to quick to judge because we stick to the Bible. Do you espouse the Word of God? Do you think this church today has different values than the same church that was instructed not to eat with fornicators? We are part of the same covenant until the Lord returns. The point is, we have all sinned but our hope does not end there. We have all been made to be free and at liberty from sin because of Christ. To deny this, is to deny the power of God. So, the Word has judged, bookims. We should not have more mercy than God Himself. When God separates Himself from unrepentant sin (and no one can know anyone else’s heart but God), we don’t get to tell God but you just don’t know what she’s been through. The believer should know better and when we do wrong, we fess up, repent and just may get a good old Kingdom spanking. Do you know that God hates sin? Anyone who has enough fellowship to have a career singing publicly ought to have enough God to sit her butt down for the name of Christ, not the world’s excuse-laden outlook. I hope you don’t raise children with the same response when correction is needed. Those who God loves, He chastens. The church needs to uphold standards of accountability and ignore modern day mixed-altar mentalities. And finally, when the hungry needs help, prayer helps but so does food. When those who need to be corrected need help, they don’t just need prayer. Thank God for earthly leadership to bring God-ordained instruction, reproof and correction.

      • That is nothing less that complete delusional and mythological BS from people unable to engage iritical thinking skills, let alone take responsibility for their own life choices without blaming it own sin. Such egotistical nonsense….that seeks to cater to irrational logic…even delusional people can have faith. There is nothing to validate the isane moralistic claims some of these judgemental christians make against deandria’s pregnancy. And this is the real truth.

      • I am 24yrs old and I agree whole heartedly.I love Le’Andria and lord knows she can sang.I had a child out of wedlock and my Pastor didnt care how well I could sing.He told me to repent and that him and the church would still be there for me and love me,but I had to sit my behind down.We all fall short and thanl God for grace and mercy but we must be held accountable for actions.We cant minister and sing about deliverance,when we are not fully delivered ourselves.May God deliver and bring restoration in her life!

  2. You better preach! I absolutely agree!

    • So the issue here with Le Andria seems to be… She is not married, although she is in a committed relationship with the unborn child’s father. Marriage is validated by a civil state issued document, created by MAN, like the Bible and its stories and its beliefs held by the religious folks. They rush to talk about what God demands based upon the antiquated interpretations that have been reinterpreted through translation of antiquated cultural oral stories that are allegorical and based upon cultural mythologies in its time. CAN ANY OF US REALLY FULLY DEFINE OR SPEAK ON BEHALF OF A GOD that so many religions attempt to CLAIM THEY UNDERSTAND, within a religion with over 30 thousand denominations, let alone just as many other relgions? Whose right? Whose wrong? What is one chooses not to follow what a segment of christians believe for themselves? Are you really in a position to declare others wrong because they dont share your walk or interpretation? Have we forgot that Jesus was a Bastard? Joseph was not his father, if one chooses to believe that bogus fantasy filled story of Mary being pregnant by spiritual magical holy spirit means, that circumvented by the laws of biology, for the purpose of God bringing a man on the planet to spew some words of wisdom, then be cruicified on cross, whereby the rest of the word can create a multitude of denominations, that worship him, yet judge others who refuse to follow and believe as they do. LOL!! BLACK PEOPLE, TRULY NEED TO BE SAVED— and it aint by Jesus!!

      • Dr. P,
        Since your ID is preceded by “Dr.” I can presume you do have some extraordinary good sense.

        In a blunt nutshell, your diatribe is quite hilarious because you have engaged in what you think you disdain: you have just used your own concept of who God is, or is not, and out of that, judged how others have handled this particular post, based upon YOUR own understanding and perspective.
        So, it is good to know that we do nothing more than you have done, except trust in the Bible, which preceded you and will survive you because it has been proven, tested and tried. You might want to try it, so that while you suggest that Black people need to be saved, you might just get some help for yourself.

        Have a grand day!


      • In response to your multiple comments,

        God can speak on behalf of Himself. His Word suffices, Dr. P. So we don’t have to speak for Him when we simply live according to the good book.
        I usually don’t spend too much time discussing anything with people who think so much of their own intellect that they can’t see how their own thinking has superseded what is not even debatable: When you can find one million people from ages past and around the world today who can testify of your theories, philosophies, and convoluted concepts of God as truth because they have seen it work in their lives, then I just might be convinced to sneeze and disregard history and eternity and give you credence.
        As for what you do and do not need MullOverThis to tell you, please accept my obligatory apology:
        I thought this was my blog. You can choose to agree or disagree and be told what you want by whom you want and visit webpages where people agree with you, and through ESP, know what Dr. P thinks Dr. P should, or should not be told in response to dialogue in which you willfully engaged.

        Now, keep on surfing for some more information as you hone and practice your critical thinking skills. This is a good place to stop because MullOverThis is more than qualified to enhance your skills.

        (Back to praising the Lord of all…)


      • MULL OVA THIS… I noticed that your responding that you say nothing substantial toward either refuting nor correcting the historical facts regarding biblical scripture and history that I listed below. Then your comments LIKE: “your diatribe is quite hilarious because you have engaged in what you think you disdain: you have just used your own concept of who God is, or is not, and out of that, judged how others have handled this particular post, based upon YOUR own understanding and perspective.” If my comments are hilarious, then your laughter or awkard amusement could be considered a DEFENSE MECHANISM to hide your biblical inadequacy, while you project your needless over dramatized immature judgments on the life choices of Leandria. You further show attempt to point out the “speck in my eye when you have a LOG in your own” by accusing me of having a concept of God and judging others…. when you have done far more of the exact thing in a more incompetent manner. DUH!! That is what religion is— a presented othordox interpretation of GOD, “HIS SUPPOSED WORD”, MAN, HUMAN PURPOSE, and SPIRITUALITY. And furthermore being that we use our brains to observe, filter information and comphrehend what we read as well as what is presented to us as a TRUTH, having or displaying intellect is imperative. So dont fault me for having some intellect or intelligence, especially when it comes to reading biblical mythology. Intelligence requires us to use critical thinking skills, so that we might not be mislead by the “pigeon heads” who claim to know God from the pews. You have essentially shown what I sensed in the begining, you know very little to be passing judgment on Leandria or anyone else for that matter, especially when you can not even back it up. If you really want to save black people, or even Leandria, then I honestly suggest you SAVE YOURSELF FIRST with some SELF FORGIVENESS and TRUE SPIRITUAL UNDERSTANDING. Have a good day!! Continue to Rock Strong.

  3. What is sad is that saints don’t realize that we are the ambassadors of Christ and we are to reach the world. we have the ministry of reconciliation she needs to be reconciled back to God. because sin separates us from him. people all ways talk about the 1st stone there is no stone thrown we as a church need to be fully accountable for our actions. when i was a backslider i did not lead worship i did not minister through song nor preach. i did not want to be in the way of the sinners that are truly looking for Jesus. now that i got it right I think about the blood of Jesus the price and i don’t live my life how i want to i live my life according to what the word says and how the blood was shed. i was the chiefest sinner I’ve done a lot more than i should but because of the blood it makes me grateful and to be careful I’m not living sinful behind close doors then on Sunday i am living as if i am born again i am truly saved i am truly a disciple of Christ. i don’t use the word christian because man called us that first God called us sons daughters joint heirs. the way people say they are Christians today make me cry because they are almost bipolar saying it but not living it.It is time out for us not having a standard there is a standard people and it is in the word..If you follow him he will do this if you disobey he will do that. I hope we all realize that He said he would and he did. let’s look at what happened to Israel following other gods. in the old testament. i am a delivered crack head and not a recovered one there is a difference recover to regain delivered to be set free and as a believer we need to be set free.no jokes deliverance need to take place though.

    • How do you know she needs to be reconciled back to God? Sinners need reconciliation; saints are not people who never fall or sin ever again in their life. We have no indication that LeAndria is not a Christian/believer/disciple of Christ simply because she got pregnant. Once sin is accounted for through repentance, she is in rightstanding with God. However, we are ambassadors of Christ and when we care more about God, the name of Christ, and our faith than ourselves, issues and continual excuses, we will remember what really matters and have no problems doing what you did, sit ourselves down.

  4. I wish people would stop being down for OPP. (other peoples problems!!!!!!) Your struggle may not be her struggle but we all do stuggle. I wish people would stop acting so perfect and begin to get their own lives in order

    • Ray, your mentality is problematic. Period, and point blank. Other people’s problems don’t exist in the body of Christ as OPP. It affects the BODY. That is why the Bible calls for correction when believers are found in sin. You might do well studying the concept of “deflection” because problems don’t become ignorable or classified as OPP because ultimately modern day people like to justify sin. We all do struggle is not a concept found in scripture, anywhere. I challenge you to present that and we will both discover the true context of what you may attempt to present. The fact is, to accept struggle means to deny that Christ has given us victory over sin, and that is not the Word, the way, or the Truth.

      The next time a child needs to be corrected, let that child offer your mentality, Ray, and see what kind of adult that child will become. “I wish you would all stop acting so perfect and get your own lives in order. All of us do what we want and have issues, struggles, and situations.”

  5. This article illuminates with needless self righteous judgment that also goes against the very teachings you advocate to follow. Some Christians are so full of mythological dogma. Rather than judge her, ask a more compassionate and astute question like “how’s it working for her”? Apparently she is at peace with it. She is in a thriving relationship the unborn child’s father, with hopes of marriage in the near future. Sin is sin, if that is ones belief. However, the root of sin means to miss the mark. Leandria is in the best position to recognize if she missed the mark. Its her who has to raise the child along with the father. Following and loving god is less about subcribing to the narrow minded, antiquated dictates of judmental christians that have no life or
    personal bizness of their own to govern and manage (I.e. keep ya own house in order).

    • Dr. Love, Dr. Love, Dr. Love,
      Since when is one who sinned the best judge of whether or not she has missed the mark? #$^*)*_&%$@@ Ok. So God gives the believer the ability to sin, weigh, and judge our own shortcomings that grieve the Holy Spirit?
      I implore you to spend a bit less time editorializing and having discourse with Jesus, the early church apostles (through the Word of God) and try to convince them to discount their entire contribution of scripture that mandates Godly correction to a body of believers because you said so.
      Sorry to inform you, Dr. Love, that the foundation of this here church has already been laid, and it includes Godly correction and the call for believers to check one another. Yeah, uh hum, we are called to inform one another and exhort on another to live right. Now, I’m sure the apostles and the God that saw fit to canonize their teachings as Holy Scripture has more than enough business of their own to govern and tend to, and that happened to include governing the church and those who identified themselves as followers of Christ before a world lost in sin.

      Nuff said.

      • MULLOVER THIS…. there is NO NEED for you to inform me about the foundation of the Christian Church with skewed and historically unvalidated information. Trust me… I GOT THIS!! So MULL OVER THIS. The TRUTH IS… the Christian church has been laid in foundation that now has over 30,000 denominations– synonymous with even more interpretations, making the WORD relative and further open to further disorder, confusion, contradiction, debate and interpretation. Seems to me YOUR GOD either LIKES DRAMA, CONFUSION or is just no where to be found while on his or her tropical spiritual vacation because it recognizes that GOD IS TO BIG TO PARTICIPATE IN MAYHEM OR RELIGION that is ultimately MAN MADE. Further, your Church foundation is laid in a history that attempts to present mythological biblical tales as historically valid when it is also a plagarized (MEANING STOLEN) rip off of centuries old religions and mythological tales taken from budhism, hinduism, Thammuz of Syria (crucified 1160 B.C.), egyptician mythology and many more. This is a historical fact– JOB and an singular Jesus the Christ, born in a manager, IS NOT. Most Christians are not well educated about the history of the christian church. They dissassociate themselves from the huge segment of historical inaccuracies and contradictions that are essentially in plain sight, beckoning to be re examined and reconciled with full validation. SO I AM SORRY TO MISINFORM YOU THAT you really are, while sincerely well intended to spread the gospel of truth, are grossly out of your league to be forming or attempting to speak on the moral inaccuracies of someone person life based on a man made religion full of BS (BOLD SIN) that has attempted to control and dictate other people into submission because some of its followers never had the courage to UNDERSTAND THE REAL TRUTH. Trust me, all that I say above can be validated as well as ignored. All beliefs as well as believers of their beliefs, will be CALLED ON THE RED CARPET of CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS. Critical thinking skills are the cornerstone of sound living that requires us to make sound and progressive choices for our individual lives. Understanding is not always an easy adaptable task, because it requires us to utilize critical thinking skills (google this and recognize what it entails) that has the courage to challenge, confront, uproot, acknowledge, and progress through distortion and dissease to that which will set a person free as we travel sometimes on a path of layered truth based sometimes in uncertainty, mystery and illusion.

  6. 1 Corinthians 6:3 Do you not know that we will judge angels? How much more the things of this life!

    “In recent weeks, there have been numerous published reports stating that I am pregnant. ARE YOU COMING OUT BECAUSE THESE REPORTS WERE PUBLISHED? I would like to take this time to confirm that I am pregnant and due in September. CONFIRMING OR CONFESSING? I have been feeling well and maintaining a healthy appetite. WHAT ABOUT YOUR SPIRITUAL APPETITE? OTHER THAN FEELING WELL AND EATING RIGHT ONE MUST ADD, YOU HAVE BEEN FORNICATING. I have been busy traveling around the country with my music ministry. YOU HAVE BEEN HYPOCRITICAL, EXPRESSING DELIVERANCE AND SPREADING FALSE RELIGION TO YOUR FANS! One can only imagine that as a mother and mother-to-be, my plate is quite full—taking the kids to school, doing homework, cooking—regular mother duties. YOU’RE SAUCER IS FULL TOO. OK, SO YOU WANT TO TAKE OUR MIND OFF OF HOW HARD IT IS BEING A MOTHER AND HOW EASY IT IS TO BE A FORNICATOR! YOU WANT SYMPATHY FOR SINNING. I have been blessed to have the love and support of my church, family, friends, label, management, and fans. OK, SO NOW YOU WANT THE REST OF US TO JOIN THOSE WHO ARE UPHOLDING YOU IN YOUR WRONG. I have received so many beautiful and thoughtful notes and prayers from people all over the country. HAVE YOU RECEIVED ANY OPEN REBUKE FROM YOUR PARENTS/PASTORS? I ask that you continue to pray for me and my family. LORD HELP ALL OF US, NOT OUR WILL LORD BUT YOURS BE DONE. I cannot do this alone. YOU ARE RIGHT YOU DID NOT DO THIS ALONE. WHERE IS THE BABY’S FATHER? THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE. SHOULDN’T HE CONFIRM (CONFESS) TOO! I will continue to pray for God’s guidance and protection over my life. CONTINUE? I love you all very much and I will be in touch soon.” IN OTHER WORDS… OKAY, I’VE PUT IT OUT THERE! PLEASE DON’T STOP COMING TO MY CONCERTS, BUYING MY MUSIC AND I WILL SEE YOU AT THE NEXT PERFORMANCE: SIN, BELLY AND HYPOCRISY. I DRANK AND I SANG, I FORNICATE AND I SANG, WHAT’S NEXT?

    Sin is sin and for those who support this mess that goes amongst Christians need to go and read Romans 1:32 Though they are fully aware of God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve to die, they not only do them themselves but approve and applaud others who practice them!

    It’s not about how we feel, it’s about how God feels. Do you support God or this World? Sure enough, we all are deserving of death since we are all sinners but should grace abound?

    Preachers and singers who do things behind closed doors and get caught are so caught up on their image, their pride, their offering, their collection and their career. They do not consider the message that they are sending to the sheep, it’s all about them and evident that it’s not about God. They don’t believe God enough to sit down, return to him so that their latter will be greater. I could go and on about people, sinners, Christians and…..but the end is near! So to each of you, do what you like, do what you feel, say what you feel and think what you feel because the Word says

    Revelations 22:11 -12 Let him who does wrong continue to do wrong; let him who is vile continue to be vile; let him who does right continue to do right; and let him who is holy continue to be holy.” Behold I am coming soon! My reward is with Me and I will give to everyone according to what he has done.

    • RELIGION is ultimately like a philosophical card or board game. For those willing to participate, it may require most to adopt and apply its lingo in order to fit in and engage with others. However, it does not and can not always speak for for those who exist outside the philosopical circumference of this RELIGIOUS GAME. ALL GAMES are ILLUSIONS. Man has taken it upon himself to make up the ideas, the myths, the stories, the key players, the rules, expectations, laws and consequences of falling short. There are also many versions and many games to be played in the religion. Ultimately, religion can teach us many lessons and skills in our childhood or times of enjoyment and entertainment. Some take games seriously, and some wake up and recognize that they are so much bigger and capable of defining themselves and moral limits and well as living in accordance to dictates that are far more less judgmental, more loving, compassionate, psychological sound, and in no need of the collective validation of a segmented group of zealous followers with misinformed egotistical interests. It seems to me that Le Andria is GROWING UP INTO HER OWN WALK IN CHRIST that not many are able to handle. GO ON GURL.

  7. All I want to hear her sing is Who are your baby daddies. Other than that don’t sing about nothing. Unless the baby was conceived by immaculate conception, then Shut up and sit down. Real, raw is all I know and I’m tired of church folks with their phony @&$()

  8. @ Dr. P,

    As with often the case w/folks who drink their own juice, they tend to fail to see themselves.

    I have accused you-and rightfully so-of the same “judging” that you accuse me or anyone who dares to hold people to a standard. You can get dizzy on a merry-go-round, so believe me, I empathize with you. You judge those who you think are judging, yet you have no authority to judge. I do. People ain’t supposed to be pregnant and unmarried according the Bible. Period. It’s called fornication, boo. Do you need some scriptures to comprehend that or is that not part of the critical thinking process? Or does your critical thinking skills only deduce Dr. P conclusions: Someone does not respond to the essence of Dr. P’s fluff suppositions so someone doesn’t have the knowledge to be able to do so. Dr. P.–oops, boo-there are several other options including the right answer: Someone, namely, MullOverThis, doesn’t waste time with suppositions that are not presented logically with any kind of referencing other than what Dr. P. thinks.

    Need I refute, line by line, your assessment or Biblical/church history and your philosophy towards the Bible, the church and Black folks? Absolutely not. Why? Because, as I already stated, your conclusions do not outweigh tangible facts testified of by millions or shall we say, an innumerable amount of believers throughout the ages.

    If you would like to search the Holy Scriptures, please know that I am more than capable of doing so and rightly dividing the Word of God. I don’t rely upon orators or blog visitors to give me their analysis of what speaks for itself and is certainly proven to be reliable. How about that! The Word of God stands today and it (He) will forever.

    Finally, I don’t have anything against intellectuals. I take issue with folks who trust in their own intellect more than the existence of the world itself and don’t have enough power to heal a headache.

  9. MullOverThis…. the church is only mankind who created a bible and a God in its own image or better yet….IN HIS INTERPRETATION

  10. I think I have learned the lesson in reading and responding to this blog with my view point. I recognize that Foolish people crave validation, and ones judgment will often tell more about themselves than the person its aimed toward. When the day comes where GOD speaks from a burning bush either to me or Leandria that she should have been married and not had a bastardbchild, then I will be a believer of the nonsense this blog advocates. In the meantime, as jesus said to those ancient holy rollers, “you are a brood of vipers. You are like your father the devil.” Lol. Can I get an amen….

    • Of course you can get affirmation. But, it won’t be a “so be it.” I agree and genuinely hope that you have learned what the foolish do, and will cease from seeking validation by posting numerous comments seeking validation. MullOverThis needs no validation about my thinking, position and commentary. It’s MY blog and furthermore, the Word of God is so much weightier than…oh well, we don’t have to repeat that for a THIRD time.

      You might also want to refrain from using Biblical references to support your points, even in the most jovial contexts, Dr. Love. K? God appears to a Moses in what context? He does not have to appear to you in any form when you have already declared and hence, He and we know, you haven chosen to reject Him. So, Dr. P, have a wonderful time and try to convince someone else that your ideology is superior to the Bible. It’ll never happen here in MullOverThis blogville.

      • All of your comments are merely a projection of your own issues and inadquacies. Foolish sees what foolish is. You hide behind and use theological arrogance to comfort your irrational fears and laziness to follow the contradictions within your own biblical text. Even jesus said to not judge… that “who are you to speak on the speck in someone elses eye when you have a log in yours”. Just because its your blog by means of setting it up does not make your position more sound or right than others. In the end I relayed my understanding which can be validated by anyone with a sound mind, common sense and average intelligence. The biggest lesson I learned is sometimes its best to let stray and wounded biblical puppies bark from their cage. MULLOVA This…face it you were out of your league with your post. You have been exposed as immature and self righteous. And this is irrefutable like your word of god. Lolol. God bless ya! We all are still evolving and its never been an easy process.


    • Stop using scriptures out of context, Gwen. Really, that is a disservice to one who may not know better. Go and sin no more is where the dialogue ended. Not, keep sinning, singing, shouting, weeping and perpetuating sin as if there is no victory over it. And, God is not the only one when folks want to be in public ministry. Take some time off from being emotional and a blissfully unlearned Christian, and study the epistles where MEN held others accountable for their public sin. Have a nice day.

      • MULLOVERTHIS, you should take heed to the same advice that you ATTEMPT to give GWEN. LOL!!! The Christian religion has over 30,000 denominations, which means a tremendous myriad of interpretations around a plaguarized documented written by MEN over 2500 years ago, as a form of allegory and mythology for teaching purposes within a culturally segmented culture. THIS IS A FACT. You need to stop being so delusional in assuming the world or ALL PEOPLE need to subscribe to your beliefs and interpretations in an effort to BE RIGHT WITH GOD. MAN created GOD IN HIS IMAGE, and human nature is not only EGOTISTICAL and FLAWED, but contradictory… just like the bible. This is not my beliefs, this is a fact. ANyone one with 5 grade reading comprehension skills will recognize this as well. Gwen, is apparently following a greater truth found in her intutiion that breeds sound compassion much more in alignment with the sound portions of bibilical teaching. JUDGING IS NOT and I DO BELIEVE JESUS DID speak against such a thing that you are in essence being disobedient toward. You probally are jealouse of D’andria because you can not sing and you probally aint got a man as well. A woman with no D%*&K tends to be very uptight. LOL.

      • Have you ever spinned around on your own two feet until you felt dizzy? That’s what some of us used to do when we were children. We recognized that doing so was a game. Being dizzy from nutjob thinking as an adult, is not. You suggest that I adhere to Gwen’s advice and use the selective standards from the Bible (of which you are clearly ignorant because we can and are to judge, get the context and maybe you just might get it) to make a point that cannot be a point because this Bible you have discredited, undermined, and annihilated from having any authenticity or legitimacy according to your understanding, which of course is a “fact.” Jesus’ Bible and religion is “plaguarized”, yet there are sound portions of biblical teaching. What are the sound portions, might I ask? Your last two statements were not necessary to provide insight into your bereft mentality, but surely did provide some icing on the cake. Jealous of D’Andria???? Because she______? I’m at a loss for words to fill in the blanks and that is RARE. My singing ability is not relevant, and even if it were, clearly you are silly to suggest that you know what it is, when you do not. And, I don’t expect clowns who have never stood a day in their adult life living without sex in contentment and obedience to God to understand what normal just people live like. Ahhh, this is the way of the world and after a few strokes on a keyboard, the real issues speak out for themselves, don’t they? So, while you seek the Lawd for Yo People, seek Him for yourself. This is my blog and I don’t expect everyone to accept the Bible and its teachings any more than clowns should expect me to accept sin, self-inflated philosophy, a botched mentality, and the way of the world%*)K (Men, that’s what you’ve been reduced to with some wonderful human beings who live with the same animalistic approach as other animals without cognitive brain power). It’s a free country, thank GOD. While you are counting denominations-which by the way are not primarily based upon interpretations-I’ll keep on believing and living for Jesus.

  12. Yes, we all sin, we all have sinned, we all do sin but we all have the opportunity to ask for forgiveness and repent. The fact is Leandria has admitted herself that she has struggled with alcohol too since she has had the title of Sunday’s Best. Having a title doesn’t take away her struggles, only God can. So she’s not perfect. Even though no one is perfect and everyone sins that does not make it right. God has destroyed entire cities because “everyone” was sining. Sunday’s Best should be someone living for Christ and strong enough to live according to the words of the powerful God she sings about. Actually, the problem is not so much that she is pregnant because children are a gift from God but the real problem is the representation of Christ and making people feel like they can sin and make excuses. Yes, only God can judge and He WILL. As an ambassador of Christ you should represent the qualities of Christ which include holiness. Is she singing for the money or to reach souls? I can’t answer that. What does it profit to sing songs about Jesus to millions of people and die and go to hell? I was a singer in the choir and on the praise team, I went to church every Sunday and Wednesday, and I was very faithful in the church but when I became pregnant without being married I was not allowed to sing with a big pregnant belly. People try to justify sin and make it seem like it’s o.k. but its not and your sin can cause someone else to fall as a Christian. God doesn’t want us to sin because it will kill us, if not literally then spiritually.

    • Amen Diane. I’m not really concerned about her motive for singing. I’m concerned about the fact that wherever she is in her personal life and relationship with God, she needs to sit her happy hips down and focus on getting some discipline over her flesh. She is by no means, alone in this, as you have stated from your own experience.

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