The Kim Kardashian Marriage Fiasco: What Most People are Missing

by MullOverThis

First, MullOverThis believes that when people marry, they should stay married, except there be some just cause for divorce or separation that justifies dishonoring the marriage covenant.  But everybody does not believe this.  Some people marry left and right, as often as a clean person changes undergarments.

What most people are missing is this:  Kim Kardashian is NO DIFFERENT than many of today’s women who get married.  While just about everyone is citing the number of days she managed to stay married, we need to look at the number of days most people who get annulments, stay married.  We can also examine the number of marriages that fail in less than 2-3 years from couples who cannot AFFORD to hire the best divorce attorneys and call in a moving team to take me to the east coast home, the mid-western retreat or the west coast home on the bay.  Kim is in the same position of women who say, “I do,” knowing that they “don’t” long before they arrive at the altar.

One of my friends had last-minute jitters right before her wedding.  She isn’t the number one celebrity featured on magazine covers in 2010, the queen of  reality television, and an appearance or photo shoot personality who commands millions of dollars each year.  This friend makes good mullah;   I invested almost $4,000 to participate in her wedding festivities, having split most of the bridal party costs with 5 other women.  The friend  spent ONLY $7,000.00 on her dress.  Her wedding festivities only cost around $85,000.00, and we won’t even address the comparable size and cost of her platinum wedding ring, all  kept to a reasonable amount because she and the hubby bought a nice home.  They wanted to be “prudent”.  Look at one hand and add a couple of fingers.  This same amount of years later, although they are committed to working things out,  they often have near-Kramer vs. Kramer moments.

When I told the friend not to marry her husband because she really didn’t love him the way a wife needs to love a man for the rest of their lives, she told me it was okay.  Of course, she thought of all the work that had gone into the wedding, the public embarrassment, and all the things that really don’t matter when you find out you are living with someone that you may love, but are probably incompatible.  Too may women succumb to the pressure of age, the desire for babies, and to be socially acceptable in kidding themselves as they hyphenate their last names and sign on the dotted line.

I have another friend whose wedding day festivities were approximately $1.4 million dollars.  Her wedding ring cost over $100,00.00.  She is divorced today.  Wealthy people are not excluded from the same mistakes everyday people make.  They just tend to make them on a much larger scale and when they are famous, the entire world knows about it.

Yeah, Kim Kardashian is a brat and because of producers and cameras we can gaugue  all of her personal flaws.  The fixation the public has with her has made just about every private moment of her life profitable, to the point where this one is worth more tweets and headlines than addressing our nation’s economy.


P.S. A man, namely, Mr. Humphries, rushed to the altar, too.  That’s another post.


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