Media Scrutiny: ‘X Factor’ Stacey Francis

by MullOverThis

Give me a break.  No, give Stacey a break.  Ridiculoidity, once again.

Laura Prudom joins the rank of flimsy journalism in her article questioning the authenticity of ‘X Factor’ star, Stacey Francis’ claim that she has been unemployed for the past 12 years.  This here foolishness is idiocy served with whipped cream on top.

Paris Hilton’s career depends upon gossip.  He is supposed to stir up controversy, be messy, and get plugs for his contribution to the world, while doing so.  Other serious folks should at least chime in on issues with a degree of sobriety and authenticity.

Here’s my comment to Prudom’s article:

“Okay. This is the most insidious media coverage I’ve seen in a while. Perez
and others ought to be put on the sullied bench for this one. Does anyone think
that sporadic appointments equals a career, or a job? Struggling artists get
gigs every now and again, [and] put them on resumes so they can get more gigs. If
Stacey went from Broadway show to Broadway show, or toured with a group/artist
for six months, then we’re talking liar. Otherwise, we’re talking, generally,

Touring with Madonna is completely different than performing as a background singer while she’s doing a few gigs.  Touring typically requires a contract and is a real job.  Calling upon top-notched background singers to back an artist up is a gig. Industry folk know gigs are too few and far between on a regular, consistent basis.  A landscaper who performed 5 seasonal clean-up jobs in one year ought not to tell people he is gainfully employed, when he is not.

My suggestion:  Leave Stacey alone, and get a life.



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