100% Fail-proof Cure-all for Arguments

by MullOverThis

The very next time you have any reason to argue with your husband, wife, mother, father, teacher, boss, cousin, crossing guard, grocer, child, friend, enemy, spiritual leader,  Judge Judy or your favorite political pundit, do yourself a favor and observe the main character in this video.  Upon completion of watching this video, adhere to the following directives.

Insert the person with whom you are about to have a potential heated discussion or argument into these formulas:

If video subject’s insanity > potential arguee’s sanity, leave the arguee alone.  You have no problems.  Take a cool or warm drink and go to bed.  Tomorrow, things will look much better.

If video subject’s insanity≤ potential arguee’s sanity, leave potential arguee alone.  You are dealing with a bonafide nutjob and you won’t be able to win your argument, or persuade arguee to a point of reason or compromise.  Your safety is more important than the argument.  Take a cool or warm drink, and go to bed.  In the morning, you’ll be glad you woke up another day.

You have just discovered a 100% fail-proof way to rationally avoid all arguments for the rest of your life.



5 Comments to “100% Fail-proof Cure-all for Arguments”

  1. I don’t know what to say. I feel bad for finding this funny. She is clearly disturbed.

  2. I’m willing to bet that she doesn’t think she’s disturbed and is living in her own world. If she’s ok with her behavior, so am I, and possibly the store clerk.

  3. I had a good laugh not because I was laughing at the woman but because I can identify with it. I have seen too many people rebuke and bind, and you had better not tell them they don’t know what they’re doing!

  4. ANd what did all of that parading accomplish?

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