The Help

by MullOverThis

I attended a pre-screening of DreamWorks Pictures August 10th film release  “The Help”.  This movie was hilarious!

Some notable thoughts:

1.  One of the film co-stars, Octavia Spencer, plays the character “Minny” and her performance reminds me of the “Dream Girls” Jennifer Hudson/Beyonce acting upstage.  Minny makes this movie all by herself, if that were possible.  Although Octavia isn’t the top billed actress, she does an outstanding job of bringing a Black woman’s “tude” to light.

2.  The Help’s  subject matter is the kind of stuff that could make Black folks mad once again.  However the writing, storyline and acting does a great job of making what could otherwise be weighty,  lighthearted, and does so without sacrificing the import of what Black women endured while working in a racist rural South.

3.  The Help is a bit long but doesn’t have one dull moment.  This is a clean movie that the entire family should see and prepare to have engaging conversation about racism, sexism and our nation’s history.

4.  Amidst the context of southern gentility riddled with racism and sexism, the feminine frailties prove strong enough to muddle through life as is, with alliances, allegiances and synergy where the story of The Help is ultimately told.  Cat fights are kitten fights in this film where all symbolic fingernails are in tact by the final scene and curtsey.

I hope The Help does well at the box office.  For more information, here’s the website:



5 Comments to “The Help”

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing this. I read in Essence that the real life Abiline is suing the author for using her name in the book. I am hoping black folks appreciate this film and not bash it because it does not show black people on a high rung on the social ladder.

  2. Well, even though the Black folks aren’t on a high rung on the social ladder in the film, it moreso depicts the reality of the age of the film. But the Black folks are on the high run on the ethics ladder-except Minny and her double chocolate pie-throughout the film. I am well aware of the so-called African-American intelligencia who hates the kind of films that don’t depict our progress. They don’t seem to get the fact that in too many places throughout our nation-today-clusters of Black folk don’t depict our collective progress either. Mulloverthis.

  3. I’m reading the book now and then I’ll see the movie. It’s got to be good if African-American women are telling stories about working for white families.

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