by MullOverThis

K, blogosphere, I was thinking about how much television programming has changed since “The Real World”.  If I could re-write television history, I’d cancel most of the reality shows and produce some more quality comedy shows like the following:

Mulloverthis’  top 10 funniest television programs:

1.  Everybody Loves Raymond

Favorite character:  Tie between Marie and Frank

2.  Seinfeld

Favorite character:  Seinfeld

3.  Good Times

Favorite character:  Willona

4.  I Love Lucy

Favorite character:  Lucy

5.  All In The Family

Favorite character:  Archie

6.  Meet The Paynes

Favorite character:  Curtis

7.  Everybody Hates Chris

Favorite character:  Rochelle

8.  The Honeymooners

Favorite character:  Ralph

9.  The Cosby Show

Favorite character:  Tie between Theo and Vanessa

10.  The Jeffersons

Favorite character:  Tie between George and Florence

I wish there was room for a couple more because “Cheers” and “The Office”  would definitely be added.




  1. You forgot one of the funniest sitcoms of all time, The Bernie Mac Show. Hilarious!!

  2. Some really prime articles on this website , saved to favorites .

  3. Friends. How could you forget Friends? I loved Murphy Brown, too.

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