An Open Letter to Creflo Dollar

by MullOverThis

Thank you, Creflo, for revealing your feelings and suggested guidance for New Birth members who left Bishop Eddie Long and New Birth.  In doing so, you have also revealed a tremendous problem with the “Doc” syndrome and the boys club amongst pastors/preachers.   Please know that the problem has been forewarned to the Body of Christ in the Word of God, so many of us are not alarmed. Some of us are merely disappointed but will continue to be loyal to God, not the loyal to manipulative “game” Docs engage in, as demonstrated in your plea for New Birth members to forgive your friend.

First of all, Mr. Dollar, church loyalty from parishioners should never be based upon who is your friend, or not your friend.  THE BIG ESSENCE OF CREFLO DOLLAR and who you decide is friend-worthy does not credential or validate whether or not sound people with sound minds should pledge their allegiance to a pompous man who has not demonstrated a modicum of humility to the people of whom you expect loyalty. Pay attention Grand Super Doc, Creflo.  Your friend may still be going to heaven and is human just like the rest of us.  But, before he gets to heaven, he’s got some explaining to do to the Body of Christ.  When your super-buffed and wilfully dressed to show it friend cut the fool enough for him to squirmishly admit he wasn’t perfect, he admitted that there is some stuff going on.  We’d rather not have to know it, but since it amounted to lawsuits, Super Grand Doc, and he is supposed to be a Bishop, you know how this is supposed to work.   

I know this may be a bit difficult for you and others who have been longstanding members of the Doc Club to comprehend.  Most of you and your co-horts are used to the benefits of personality-based ministries where Jesus isn’t the prime personality:  YOU and your DOC Syndrome-infested friends are the ones with the super-imposed images on the foyer and corridor walls.  YOU all are the shiny faces on the billboards and all advertisements because it is about YOU and YOUR teachings,  YOUR life stories, and YOUR anointings, YOUR prosperity profiles, YOUR families and YOUR everything sprinkled with a bit of Jesus and a whole lot of forgiveness, mercy and loyalty when any one of you get caught with your pecs on CNN NEWS when they were only intended for use in YEARS OF PRIVATE PERSONAL MANIPULATION OF OTHERS FOR YOUR LUSTFUL SATISFACTION.   I understand the ground from which you offered your inflated plea for our brother, Bishop Eddie Long, who just had what was analogous to a “wreck”, according to your words.

Creflo, the last time I checked, folks don’t plan “wrecks”, other than for scenes in Hollywood movies or suicide.  Wrecks usually aren’t expected, although they oftentimes should have been foreseen (we may know the automobile is over-due for a brake job, etc.).  If we ignore signs, and are irresponsible, a wreck is a risk.  When a car crashes and jacks people’s lives up-people who were consensual in getting into the risky car or Bishop’s bed-we don’t just tell those people forgive and get back into the car with the owner who still doesn’t get the wrecked car, or any other automobile fixed because he’s too grand and arrogant to be bothered.  Creflo, years of all of what allegedly took place isn’t analogous to a wreck.  If it even was, your Doc homeboy hasn’t acknowledged his involvement in a responsible manner so that anyone in their right mind would trust him to drive.

Being that the spiritual leader is so imperative to the lives of many people, your words are ever so reprehensible because former New Birth members and their families have been disrupted. But we know that the people and the jilted boys aren’t your concern.  How the people affect the bottom line for church memberships and finance is the concern.  The devil does a whole lot of stuff to impede and mess up these personality-based faith relationships.  Imagine what perspective you and your Doc cohorts would have of the Devil if you ever paid attention to what He uses you all to do to the other people who are recipients and partakers of your discrepancies.   Nonetheless, for some God-loyalists, years of giving loot and service to a great ministry appear to be wasted.  Why?  Because the spiritual house can no longer be a home when the leader isn’t following Christ, Creflo.  Yeah, I know you all have reduced Christ to being a marketable figurehead for the belief system that God’s anointing flows from you down into the lives of the bench-warmer congregants.  God forbid, you ever realized that Christ is and always will be the head of the church and we only follow you as you follow Christ.   To follow Christ does not mean that a person won’t make mistakes.  It means that when a person does, and he is in leadership, he takes correction, Creflo.  After all the years that you and Bishop Long flipped those Bible pages in your custom-made suits you both never stumbled upon all of the scriptures to provide you Personality Docs with guidance in these situations?  Creflo, the principle is very clear:  REPENTANCE and correction before the church is required, so that others will fear.  There is a penalty and consequence for our actions.  Suck it up and go back and keep writing checks to my friend isn’t the way, Super-Doc Creflo.  Friend, sit your butt down and allow the eldership to run the church until you get yourself together is the way, Super-Doc Creflo.

“Demonstrate that this isn’t about you, friend, and allow the same Word that we preach to bring you to a place where you don’t want to sext your buffed bodies to young boys, whether they are looking for hot homosexual sex with the Bishop, or not.  You are the Bishop and if anyone is required to live out the standard, we are.  This isn’t about all that you have done, it’s about all of what Christ has done so that even in this, you can receive God’s grace and turn things around in your own life.”  That suggested conversation wouldn’t have taken you five minutes, Creflo.  I timed it.

When Super Grand Doc II, Bishop Eddie Long actually gets to a place of accountability before competent oversight leadership and apologizes to the church for leading a life where this kind of nonsense could even be found “among him”, then New Birth parishioners might want to get back into the fold and follow the leader.  Forgiveness isn’t really even an issue, Creflo.  Even for those who need to forgive, that does not point towards returning to New Birth while Bishop Long continues to sharpen his smooth stones and pay an exorbitant amount of loot to avoid the fill in the blanks hitting the fan.  Innocent people have nothing to lose and years to coöperate and wait for vindication.  To settle and admit that he isn’t perfect leaked quite a bit of the cowardice that wreaks from Doc-syndrome infested preachers every now and again.  A real “man of the cloth” would acknowledge his wrong and re-align himself to Godly counsel and appropriate protocol so these types of allegations cannot be made, more or less warrant millions.

It is time for you, Creflo, and all of your spine-less Bentley amassing Docs to stop taking the wrong positions in these types of situations.  It is time for you all to look beyond yourselves, and look to Christ.  Accountability, responsibility and humility requires Bishop Eddie Long to acknowledge his part, and lead to a point of restoration by example, and for you to stand for what God’s wisdom employs, not the tainted wisdom of men.



6 Responses to “An Open Letter to Creflo Dollar”

  1. Ditto. I cannot begin to wrap my brain around the state of Christianity today with this cult of personality and anything goes doctrines. Where is the power to transform lives? It has taken a backseat to tomfoolery et al.

  2. Absolutely! They ought to hang their heads down in shame/

  3. When a man who builds a church work becomes larger than life no one can tell him anything. Everybody isn’t molesting boys but this ego pastoring is happening in too many different places.

  4. I am sick of this Eddie Long stuff. We may think that God is concerned about Eddie Long but maybe God is not and that is why He allowed him to be exposed because so many of them will never stop. this is demonic. Thank God He is still God no matter what Eddie Long does or hasn’t done.


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