Cherish Nosey Neighbors

by MullOverThis

And to think, nosey neighbors are usually reviled.

Had it not been for a neighbor who kept binoculars handy, this Wisconsin man might have suffered the cruel fate of death from being buried alive in snow.  The headlines are riddled with all kinds of accidents, rescues and snow storm-related deaths this winter. 

I’ve always maintained that every good neighborhood should have at least one nosey neighbor.   Nosey neighbors observe information that can save lives, particularly when they see strangers coming and going or residents breaking their regular routines.  It takes a certified residential mind-the-neighborhood’s busybody to have the mental rolodex of everything that shouldn’t matter, but may matter, who has too much time on his hands to make it matter, because the inclinations to absorb everyone else’s business is so overwhelming, but may save the day in situations such as these. These types of neighbors are the ones who notice what others overlook. 

My neighborhood busybodies are a couple who live across the street.  They are quite friendly and patrol the entire neighborhood.  Google should actually recruit them for visual oversight of our dead end block.  One time some friends came to pick up a package from my mailbox, and the self-propelled sheriff of good neighboring asked my friends if they could produce identification for going into my mailbox.  They did, called me simultaneously, and I called the neighbor while car-side and told him they were okay.  Mulloverthis explained to my friends if I ever had an intruder, the busybodies would be the ones to crack the case.  I saw the value in them.

So, Mulloverthis commends this neighbor for scouring the neighborhood and the neighbor’s yard across the street during a snow storm to find a flubbering glove on the hand of a flurried neighbor.

God does work in mysterious nosey ways.


One Comment to “Cherish Nosey Neighbors”

  1. I agree, they may be annoying at times but you can sure count on them to tell you if someone was on your property when you were not home……God Bless the nosey neighbors…..

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