What the?

by MullOverThis

The head of the New Century Foundation and racial realist Jared Taylor is peeved that the Charlotte, North Carolina hotel has reneged and  pulled the rug from under their conference because of safety concerns.

This is a bunch of bull.

Safety concerns?  Who is going to do anything violent to a bunch of white supremacists who have dumb-downed their jargon to be a bit more tasteful and politically correct in 2011?  Uh, people with their ideologies are the ones with the history of unparalleled efforts to subjugate other people and wreak violence throughout the ages.  The Black Panthers haven’t struck in a long time and those that aren’t grinding the midnight oil at a corporate cubicle probably can’t even rev up their motorbikes to get to Charlotte.

So, I say, let these ridiculoids meet wherever they want to, so long as they:

1.  Pay the bill.  Addendum:  They don’t deserve discounts.  As premiere nationalists who know what is best for America, they should want to help this deficit as much as is humanely possible.

2.  Keep the sheets on their beds, not on their faces.

3.  Use a boat-load of hand sanitizers.  Remember, Charlotte is replete with a bunch of non-thems and no one else should be infested with their germs when they are finished strategizing on how to maintain the purity of their “themness”.




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