Recent Travels

by MullOverThis


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I hadn’t blogged in quite some time because I woke up one morning almost one year ago and had a simple realization. Unlike the Felidae family, we (2010 human beings) don’t even have the luxury of faux notions in existence as if we have nine lives. The kiddo realized I only have one life to live and while I can, I’m going to exhaust life. Instead of merely reaching the bounds of the earth through vicarious expeditions on television, the internet and the stories of others, I was going to create my own opinion about the world and edit my own story of the boundless beauties, rich cultures, heritages and lifestyles of the world.

Although I had already visited Canada, a few Caribbean Islands, South America, and breezed through London, there were still so many places that I desired to go. Of course, Italy and Australia were high on the list of targeted destinations. Morocco, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt are all countries where I will digest the distinct smell of the air and view the skies and see what nature has to say while the winds, waters, foliage, and indigenous creatures tell their own story.

So, this lovely quest began with an unforeseen love for Africa. Although Africa wasn’t part of the dream, I ended up there. Destiny had to throw a monkey wrench into the actualization of the carefully planned imaginary.  Imaginations become reality when one lives her dreams.   Kenya became part of the agenda, and NOTHING could prepare me for the passionate affair that ensued.

Mulloverthis intersected with  people, just like me, a literal world apart in mileage, custom, tradition, language, and experience. Yet at the same time, I met a people who were strange kinsmen with similar food, bone and body structure, complexion, ambition, hope, and passion. Interpreters helped us to communicate, bond and maneuver ourselves through a homeland where we had not been before, but somehow, have always dwelled.

Italy would have been my first choice so that I could epitomize Bon Vivant. Yet, we were able to visit a couple of African countries because God knew where we needed to begin.  Africa caused me to know that to ever capture the true beauty of a people, I would have to take them “as they are.” And for Mulloverthis, that entailed capturing real moments that a photograph could not depict. I had to live as those who I had come to know, live: Live among them, live like them, and see the world that they see, become part of their world, and then go back home knowing that their world had become part of me.


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