by MullOverThis

Reputedly, Benny and the Paula are “dating”.  This is only an allegation because there hasn’t been a public confirmation, at least YET. In the meantime, I choose to believe that the two recently “single” ministers are still alone working on themselves.

Two people, with an international following in Christiandom, recently divorced (is Benny’s divorce even final) and dating?  Let’s hope NOT.  Let’s hope that they have enough sense to WAIT because their desires and names are not above the reproach all of this grandiose spouse swapping will continue to bring on the Body of Christ. 

Note to Benny & the Paula:  Not only does Paula not preach better than the Apostle Paul or one-quarter of store front church preachers, but if these friends cannot honor a marriage covenant before God and work out commitment to the one person who they said they loved, they need not try to lead the world in anything.  True leaders have to LEAD, even in difficult things-like a marriage and keeping covenant-and the Bible that they tote happens to clearly relay this principle.



  1. Well said! I wonder, what is the rationale preachers use to marry multiple times when their marriages didn’t end in the case of adultery? I always wonder how they justify that. People say God forgives, etc., but I believe if you are going to lead thousands of people and have a following that can reach to the millions, it is a dangerous thing to rewrite the Word of God to suit your personal desires. Ministry is a sacrifice and there are a lot of people out there who God has fired yet they are still working.

  2. Mark 10:11-12 (King James Version)
    11And He saith unto them, Whosoever shall put away his wife, and marry another, committeth adultery against her.
    12And if a woman shall put away her husband, and be married to another, she committeth adultery.

  3. Can you imagine being perfect enough to do ministry?

    • Yes, I can. What does that entail? Flawlessness? No. It entails upholding standards. The kind of standards that people uphold when they have a corporate job and can’t say what they want to say in public (irregardless of faith), more or less have busted up marriages and want to lead people in godliness, family and how to live a good life. It’s absolutely amazing how excuse-laden the CHURCH is, because “nobody’s perfect”. People can manage to behave themselves to keep a job for a check or accept the scrutiny because they understand corporate culture and good will. Well, nobody is perfect and those who can’t manage to get themselves together to uphold a standard shouldn’t LEAD. Period. Ummmmhhhh…(while I’m clearing my throat) where in the Bible do you see any of our forefathers/mothers in the gospel with their lives of sin and contrary to God’s word on a platform being upheld and justified? David sinned but repented and he was not a priest trying to stand as a minister before God’s people. Go down the poetic list of harlots, sinners and all of that nonsense, and guess what? Every last one of them repented or came to know God. We all must come to know God and repent and receive the grace, which covers us. Cruise through Romans and everywhere else, leadership in the church is supposed to uphold a standard before the people, or be openly rebuked so others may fear. They can be restored after they finish having affairs, changing spouses, all while in the stride of “ministry” with no accountability or regard for the name of Christ. After all, is this about people and their perfection or lack thereof, or the God that we are supposed to love enough to keep His commandments and represent?

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