66 Year Old Gives Birth

by MullOverThis

The oldest reported British woman to give birth, Elizabeth Adeney, is a brand new mom thanks to In Vitro fertilization. Of course, the new mom has not only the joy of her first child to look forward to, but also the criticisms of yick yackers who feel she is monsterously selfish for having a child at her “old” age.

Although I do not generally think that child-bearing is ideal at 66, again, I ask as I often do, “Who cares?” Adeney has only joined the ranks of an increasing number of senior citizens who raise babies that are their grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Her baby raising is purposed and intentional, not a result of premature death in the family, or some sort of parental neglect. People Adeney’s age get custody and are entrusted to raise children everyday, and do so heroically.

So who are her critics? Is it the same monsterously selfish people who advocate abortion for convenience? Or, the population of classless candidates-both male and female-who contribute to the “who’s my baby’s daddy” talk show conundrum. Thank God for DNA testing, or so many everyday people who live impulsive hedonistic lives would never know who fathered a child. Certainly, Adeney’s critics cannot be amongst the population of people with terminally ill diseases in advanced stages, such as AIDS, that knowingly bear children with slight chances they will probably not be around to raise them, and often bring them into this world infected (although babies can receive treatment to reverse HIV status). How about all of our babies born on drugs or to mothers who drink and smoke? The wonderful people who have children for complying with the status quo with a firm plan for nannies, boarding schools and plenty of photo ops in-between need not register any critques. Their time would be better spent scheduling an appointment to laugh with their own children. There are certainly too many people in this world that are blaring self-advertisements for irresponsible parents to make this woman a guinea pig.

The only real concern is whether this senior citizen is capable of providing a loving, safe, healthy, reliable home for a baby and in good enough health to do so. Adeney just may outlive some of the young everything-goes, to hell with any type of morality people and smile at this child’s college graduation. She just may give this child the kind of devotion, attention and guidance that will produce a good sound human being. At least we can hope. This of course, can only take place if the powers that be and the hipsters don’t cause the world to end before then.




2 Responses to “66 Year Old Gives Birth”

  1. While I do not agree that sixty-six is an ideal age to bear a child, what with the life expectancy, chances for illness, stamina to raise a child, etc., the woman has a right to do with her body as she pleases. I can understand why some people would say the woman is selfish. She has a good chance of breaking the child’s primary bond at a young age, which could be very traumatic. I am hoping she counted the cost and her decision was not based on the fact that she just wanted to be a mother.


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