by MullOverThis

Folks, Nany Pelosi just gave her weekly press conference. Cameras can be our friend or enemy. Pelosi, whose demeanor is normally two shaves shy of brazen and forthright, did quite a bit of stumbling and near-stuttering today. Nonetheless, she managed to unequivocally say that she is not answering any questions surrounding the current controversy about her remarks debunking the credibility of the CIA and current GOP attempts to get Pelosi de-throned. Speaker of the House Pelosi said the country must stay on our course, and not be distracted. She is committed to a bi-partisan approach to dealing with the economy, health care and everything other than what she says was never said because to do so would say that she has said too much to avoid why she didn’t deal with what was said.

The GOP just needed to take notes and the next time a major GOP leader needs a mask, just mimick Pelosi’s attempted ballyhoo. Serve up the tactic where questioning the issue is a partisan attack, and take the high road of moving onward with the bi-partisan business at hand.

Too bad we all can’t live above warranted reproach.



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