Blagojevich Slated to Enter the D-List

by MullOverThis

Only in AMERICA.

Speaking of 15 minutes of fame, Former Governor Rod Blagojevich, the center of a political debacle, was ousted from the chief executive office for the State of Illinois this past January.  Shrouded in oblivion, today Blagojevich is waiting for the sandman clown to boo him off of the world stage.  According to the news reports, the alleged criminal, oops former governor  (I must keep that appointment to be tested for Tourette’s Syndrome) accepted an NBC offer to appear on a reality show.  The estimated contractual consideration is around $60,000-$80,000 per episode.  Blagojevich just may endure the anticipated fifteen week run.   And to think, we have earnest, hard working people with ethics and morals who will work all year long to make what the narcissistic former governor might clear in one week.   This is of course if the indicted and on trial Blagojevich–for depriving the people of the State of Illinois of honest government–will be granted leave by the court to tape overseas.  The man has to continue to work, doesn’t he?   So, Joey Buttafuoco,  Madoff, Spitzer, and  Imus move over.  Blagojevich is on the scene and will probably join you on the sullied bench.  Overall, watching the former governor’s compete foolishness served honorable statesman turned celebrity au contraire, is better than having him resort to high seas debauchery in order to survive.   Crime doesn’t pay.  At least that’s what we should choose to believe.



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