President Obama & Fried Chicken

by MullOverThis

This might actually be the issue that pulled me out of an unofficial hiatus:   a query into the appropriateness or insolence of fried chicken when coupled with the name of our incumbent President.

Obama Fried Chicken

Obama Fried Chicken

Apparently, there are some fried chicken peddlers who have opened up a few establishments branding their fast food as Obama Fried Chicken.  Of course, the people who believe in “the man” are up in arms about how offensive this is towards our first African-American President of the United States. 

Folks who wear Obama name belts, name plates, pins, buttons, hats, shirts-and I’m surprised someone hasn’t marketed a nail polish yet-don’t like the Fried Chicken joint displaying his name.  Can it be that Black folks, many of whom support him because he is “one of us”, don’t like the stereotypical image of a black man and fried chicken?  Suppose Obama likes fried chicken.  Suppose our President loves fried chicken. The staple food at funerals, Thanksgiving and family re-unions is now questionable. So, we can have the ghetto Obama scarves and grills in the mouth but can’t have the fried chicken?

Maybe the neighborhood proprietors should emphasize the pizza as the principal delectable delight.  We do know the Obamas had a pizza maker flown to their spot to make them pizza.  And, pizza is largely associated with Italians.  So then, the zealous marketeers  might pass the small cheez ghetto muster and all of the nonsense that comes with being over-black.




2 Comments to “President Obama & Fried Chicken”

  1. Here “us black folks” go again not choosing our battles wisely. There was this same discussion over an Obama Chia Pet and Obama chicken fingers overseas. Obama is a rock star and the use of his name and likeness on anything from socks to rocks is a money maker. The same people that are offended are probably the same people who patronize music and media that glorify the “n***er” stereotype. Can we get some ethical consistency adn equal opportunity outrage here?

  2. Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

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