by MullOverThis

I’m a bit late on this one.  However, I’ve got to self-evaluate when mulloverthis is in sync with Rush Limbaugh.

I’m glad President Obama has white teeth, a great smile, a wonderful family and the best-dressed wife since Jackie O.  The rock-star qualities and its’ worth stop right about there.  I too, hope that our dear President does not succeed on a number of his so-called commitments.  Principally, his avid support of abortion is a no-no.  I hope all of his endeavors to secure the right to kill babies at will, and all of the other inflammatory emotional ploys to justify fetus, embryo, and/or baby killing goes down the drain.  Although it is highly unlikely, because too many people that matter support abortion, I will still hope and pray.

So kudos to the Bishops at Notre Dame who dared to challenge the worthiness of an abortion rights supporter for a graduation speaker.  Thank God some people of faith still have enough gumption to draw the line.  The last thing people of faith should be smiling and waving at is anyone who helps stop life. 




  1. mulloverthis, i actually engage in self-flagellation every other day when i listen to the rush limbaugh show… believe me, you don’t agree with him. rush-bo doesn’t give a hoot about obama’s stance on abortion. you see, the drug addicted, twice or thrice divorced racist is no moral icon. he wants obama policies as they relate to our economy, health care and education to fail. and i agree with you on the abortion isssue, but i’m assuming that you are a republican because our current president is NO different on this issue than any other major democrat figure since the beloved jimmy carter.

    • Now, you ought to have figured out by now, I will not disclose my political affiliations, or the lack thereof! Mulloverthis tends to take things issue by issue, platform by platform, person by person. And, yes, I tend to be quite “conservative” in my viewpoints, and I’M PROUD OF CONSERVATISM! Thanks for stopping by! I love the dialogue with many of you…

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