by MullOverThis

Amazingly, Bill O’Reilly and many others can’t see the code language of this Presidential Election.  Marc Lamont Hill appeared on Bill’s show last week.  MarC took issue with certain code language,  the repeated use of which obviously sends an implicit message to a specific consitutency.  Or, at the very least, certainly excludes a specific constituency.  Although Bill was not a ravenous bull with Marc, he did not agree.  He could not comprehend how Marc could put such an onous on mere words.

Really?  Now, that’s incredible. 

Palin can reach out to the “hockey mom”, “six pack Joe”, and “redneck”.  Who is Sarah Palin’s fishnet designed to reach?  Amazingly, Oprah reaches the same crowd with simply being herself, a woman who grew up as a young nappy headed black girl from the South who was molested by her family member, became promiscuous, lost a baby as a young teenager, and got back on track and never went back.  Today, she is an entertainment mogul and leading voice of influence (which Mulloverthis does not advocate) to people all over the world.  Sarah Palin can’t put her batteries in her brain and get behind a podium and think that most African Americans will relate to her.  Regardless of which economic classification, cultural affinity, or upbringing, African Americans are not rednecks and overwhelmingly, are not hockey moms.  The hockey rinks all over this great land the RNC platform and attendance during the convention reflect this obvious gap and mismatch.

Roland Martin, a CNN contributor, also tagged this issue this past weekend.  However, an African-American female analyst would not be boxed in, because she played soccer, so her mother was a soccer mom.  She could relate to Sarah Palin.  This kind of relatedness explains why so many African-Americans do overwhelmingly relate to the Republican party platform on values and moral isssues, yet choose to register and vote Democrat.  Somehow, the Democratic code language tends to be more endearing to the masses of diverse African-Americans.  Maybe that is attributable to the use of language that is not automatically exlusionary.  Imagine the array of Obama supporters if his public addresses were laden with remarks like “I’m just an average brother“.  Bill O’Reilly would put his thinking cap on and recognize that Obama wasn’t “reaching” out to him, or men like him, at all.

So Palin has won the attention of women who can relate to raising children, professional women who juggle family and career, and conservate Christian women because we can relate to her.  However, those who she can relate to, puts us in another ballpark.  Her language and words indicate that she is reaching for the sixpack Joe and the mothers of the overwhelmingly White hockey players.



4 Comments to “WHO IS SARAH PALIN?”

  1. O’Reilly is lying when he suggests that the use of words in this campaign are not specifically coded and intended to reach a certain audience. McCain’s campaign has had some success in this area by first labeling Barack and Michelle as “anti-American”. Then they used the “Country first” coding to apply to themselves and also suggest/remind others that Barack doesn’t “like” this country (nevermind that it its stupid to think that someone who doesn’t like this country would run for president). So once you have established that your opponent in “anti-American” and doesn’t like his/her country, its easy to segue into the “he pals around w/ domestic terrorist” label.
    Use of this despicable strategy is one of the reasons I could not support Hilary Clinton. She employed the same tactics when she constantly mimed ‘Barack is not appealing to blue collar, high-school educated whites’. DUH!!!! Of course, ignorant, never left their neck of the woods (literally), rednecks are not going to have an affinity to an educated black man. But that fact is not something to be proud of. As an American in 2008, we should all be disturbed that a significant portion of this populace WANT to believe that Obama is an Arab; Muslim (not that anything is inherently wrong w/ either of these); or pals around w/ terrorist despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary. And despite the fact that McCain and Hilary may not personally feel this way, they are both happy to accept the fruit of this redneck ignorance.

  2. What is going on in this election is a prime example of “reaching.” The Repubs are grasping at straws in an effort to appeal to the ignorant contingent in this country that need a bandwagon to ride on. It is embarrassing that in U.S. politics, the supposed world superpower (or as the smoke and mirrors suggest) has reduced itself to issues of race, ethnicity, and imagined anti-patriotism as a political platform. All of this is a smokescreen to hide the fact that there has yet to be a coherent plan of action presented to deal with the REAL crisis in this country: economics, high level cronies, and way too much bureaucracy.

  3. The moment Bill O’Reilly built a coalition around the likes Newt Gingerich, Mitt Rorney, and Ruduolph Guilani, John McCain’s chances of becoming president became non-existent. The 21st century mind rejects conventional thinking in every aspect of American free society. In McCain’s defense the Suge did work, whoever, that is exactly the reason American occupation in Iraq has led to the increased membership in the Al-Qeada network. Muslims worldwide both despise extreme conservative rhetoric that limits scholarship on Muslim cultures.

    Barack Obama defys everything anyone expected in typical political status quo. He rejected apprenticeship in black elitist politial society (the Colored Girls) simplely because he does not identify with it. Think about it. His father is Kenyan, his mother from free state Kansas, raised in Hawaii, lived in Indonesia, and to the South Side of Chicago. His deep experience of life reveals his expertise on foreign policy and Progressive Republicans respect his idealogies which closely acheive the Lincoln/Reagan Republicans goal of freedom from religous persecution. Barack Obama unleashed an aggresive attack on conventional scare tactics by the Bush/Bush Jr. opposition. Americans have begin to question the relevancy of occupation in many Middle Eastern nations that have soured many relations with other nations worldwide and in the United Nations. Without preconditions, Americans have gained a Narcissim that creates world panic and increased war regimes. WIth the economy revealing corupt big businesses are literally robbing all Americans reagrdless of race, religion. and occupation. Barack Obama’s senate record is squeaky clean in relations to militray occupation in Iraq, acknowledging African nations need for increased protection against terrorism from radical groups succh as the Interhamwe in Rwanda, Nigeria, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    I can go on all day but Barack Obama will win by mandate, Democrats will gain a supermajority in Congress. The Republicn Party will re-organize for a serious run in 2016 under new leadership with more awareness and respect for minority opinion. Isreal will be safe, Africa will begin to heal, and Americans will prosper under a very compassionate bipartisan national government.

  4. Sarah Palis is a nobody, american knows just as well as i do that she could never successfully fun this country. No one whould respect her. the WORLD looks at her as a joke….. I mean come on what institutions are granting degrees to the ignorant republicans. It kinda of pisses me off the the republican party is making a mockery of the American Government by pullin the stunts they are pulling. For John to pick someone with NO EXPERIENCE after bashing Obama for a lack of experience. says loud and clear that he is hip-old-crit….. I dont understand mccains stand on the economy…. it is common sence and everyone knows that the middle class citizens of the country are the backbone of the economy. midde class citizens account for a vast majority of purchases and pumps the most money into the economy, and anytime they cannot afford to do so the system will get clogged and it needs to be deconjested…. It is the responsibility of the government to assure the well being of ot’s citizens. that includes making sure they are healthy and equiping them with what they need to compete in a global marketplace, we are falling behind in so many areay to countries that dont have even a fraction of the welth that thee us HAD….. Education is the foundation of competition….. The only investment that yeilds countless rewards…. how can this country ever progress if the the future leaders dont posess the vital education needed to sustain the american race…. danger is lurking right around the corner and i can see it in the black eyes of John Mccain. America can not afford to continue to drag it’s name through the dirt, borrow more money than we COULD ever repay from a county that we condider an associate versus an FRIEND. Our priorities are on the wrong places and Senator Obama realizes it and is deterimned to steere America in the direction that will increase and create economic frowth, expand educational horizons, and create wealth while at the same time keeping our county and citizens safe.

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