by MullOverThis

Okay, the Senate is voting this evening on another version of the BAILOUT package.  The first bill failed to pass muster, and we shall see what occurs this evening. 

To gain some insight into what this BAILOUT is addressing, check the link below:,8599,1845816,00.html

Obviously, our elected officials in the House and Senate are not going to be Bush-ized into moving quickly to support his answer to the economic crisis.  History has taught us, as we still pay the piper in Iraq, not to rush to judgment with any solutions Bush finds plausible during a crisis phase.  It is better to deny, deny, and deny bills and author legislation that may actually BAIL us OUT of the economic downturn, than to back policies in haste with permanent lasting effects.  Even a majority of Repubs said “no” until they see sufficient oversight in administering the 700 Billion dollar inflow to the US economy.   So, let’s see what transpires with this latest Bailout package designed to address the domino effects of the crash of the sub-prime mortgage crisis.


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