by MullOverThis

This author claims to have known Governor Sarah Palin since 1972.  He too, identifies and speaks quite well for himself:


And, the co-horts claimed she has made accomplishments in education and the school systems.  Again, what are Sarah Palin’s accomplishments? 

Where are the letters from Alaskans who can chronicle Sarah Palin’s accomplishments?


  1. Tx for the visit, Mullover at
    I happen to agree that our Sarah’s actual resume is thin… So is Barack’s… and… although Senator Biden has a really THICK one, he has been very very very wrong [opinion alert]… Google [SA 2997] to split Iraq in 3 parts … The Iraq legislators basically said shove it … I will be posting my letter to my REPUBLICAN Senators castigating them on their vote for this bad bad statement from our legislators… Later & Semper Fi…

  2. I’ll be checking your site out often. Both Barack and Sarah are relatively inexperienced for the job. However, it is clear that Obama has a better skill set and is certainly more experienced with our nation’s issues than Palin. Obama is an attorney, like most of our US Presidents, and has been a federal legislator. They can both have a seat next to McCain and Biden, but our nation must not continue in the same path we’ve been on w/President Bush. Now that Obama has swung to the surge was successful side, conveniently after he barely won the nomination over Hilary and this was one of his main campaign points against Hilary, I’m not too certain that he is going to bring much change anyway.

  3. The kind of change Barack Obama will bring to our country is not the kind of change we need. It amazes me that a lot of people seem to think Obama has the skills necessary to be President. Does being a community organizer qualify him? How about writing two best selling books? Being a millionaire?

    In actuality, he has been in the Senate for a very short time and has missed a lot of the sessions because he was running for President. Just because he is an attorney gives him no creditability in my view. We already have too many lawyers in Washington, as it is. I believe it is time we had a President who really understands what normal Americans go through every day. We had a chance to nominate Mike Huckabee on the Republican side and we blew it. Now, we have John McCain and although I am not 100% pleased with him, he is entirely better than Barack Obama.

  4. Larry, Barack has served as a state senator and a national senator twice as long as Palin has as governor and mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. It seems to me like Americans really don’t appreciate the work of legislators. And, Obama is truly a junior Senator, on a national level, yet has the same skill set, that of an attorney and Senator, that many US Presidents have had, long before he was even born. So, I don’t think that many people are off. Although, I agree NObama should have more experience.

    Additionally, just to say this cause I literally have to go and run (which I don’t do often enough, so Palin has had some sort of positive influence, since her hype) had Palin had a modicum of community organizing experience, she would have been able to at least, not embarrass McCain this past weekend in implying that the pending Freddie Mac Fannie Mae takeover by the next administration would relieve taxpayers. Most community organizers have a clue about the mortgage industry and introducing their clients to products and programs that will assist them in acquiring decent housing and home ownership.

    So, at least we have an election where more Americans than ever will try to stay abreast of the real issues and concerns of our country. That is a good thing. As for man against man, I’d agree with you. However, McCain is too old to have put an completely unprepared woman as the next in charge. This kind of stuff isn’t funny, or acceptable, particularly where we sit in the world landscape.

    Have a great day!

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