by MullOverThis

Senator John McCain, the Republican nominee for President of the United States of America, selected Sarah Palin, current governor of Alaska, as his running mate.  Sarah Palin is the woman that Senator McCain expects the American public to support as Vice President of the United States.  McCain must have missed the Vice Presidency job description briefing.  This individual will be the acting President if he became incapacitated, and the President if he dies in office.  The only critical questions are who are McCain’s advisers, what part of his foot did McCain use to make this decision, and who is going to play “mother” to Sarah Palin’s five children while she may be the Vice President of the United States for up to eight years. 

Governor Palin has been hammered throughout the media and across dining room tables all over this nation as the most fool-hearty Vice Presidential pick since Dan Quayle.  The thought of Sarah running this country–if McCain succumbed during his Presidential term–is equally humorous and frightening at the same time:  Not because she has no national experience or foreign policy experience.  Governor Palin is a Christian and vocal anti-abortioncide politician.   She was a small town mayor and is currently in her first term as an executive leader as the Alaskan Governor, and is only running for Vice President.  The Democratic Nominee for President, Senator Barack Obama, has only one completed US senatorial term under his belt, and no executive or foreign policy experience.  Yet eighteen million people and counting have fallen prey to his charisma, wisdom in hiring and following the counsel of advisers, consultants, and marketing/media experts, and personal leadership style.  So the alarm for “what in the world is happening to our country” had already sounded when we put our incumbent President in office.  Then we had the nerve to put him in office again.  We are to believe that the best of the hopefuls include Obama (the most competent thing we’ve seen in political pull-ups who at least has a real adult politician on his ticket, Senator Joseph Biden) who is running against someone who we hope doesn’t take an earthly exit while in office (McCain, coupled with someone who just came out of the birth canal, yippee Governor Palin).  Has John McCain ever heard of the expression “the pot calling the kettle black”?  Obviously Obama’s relative inexperience cannot be a further concern for the GOP when their VP pick is a glorified soccer mom who just woke up as a politician, and desperately needs a 2008 savvy hairdresser and stylist.

With McCain’s selection of Governor Palin, I have a serious noteworthy proposal.  He can continue to solicit the support of pro-Hilary Obama defectors by appointing my mom as the Secretary of State.  I promise McCain, fingers crossed and hope to die live, that he will not find any scandalous incriminating evidence in my mother’s closet.  Nope.  Nada.  Zilch.  She is good to go and excellent at diplomacy.  If Palin can manage her 9,000, and be suitable for Vice President, then certainly my mom is qualified with over 30 years in the medical field to be the Secretary of State.  By the way, she has not interviewed with MTV political commentators like Governor Palin, but she has watched enough CNN, MSNBC and FOX News and argued with the political pundits (unbeknownst to them) in her own family room.  And, trust me, she takes them down every time.  My mom would at least have enough sense to hire the right personnel, and take their advice.  McCain could speak to my mother–maybe even twice or three times which is considerably more than he bothered to spend with Governor Palin–to be oversecure that she is the right woman for the job.  And, the whip cream on top asssurance McCain would have is true feminists wouldn’t have to be alarmed about her defying the advances of women who have proven that they can do it all–work and be real mothers at the same time.  All of my mom’s children are grown adults. Sarah Palin is the one with five children, four of whom are under age 18. This nation should not have to look at Governor and hopefully never Vice President Sarah and wonder does she know where her children are today.  Oh yeah, their father, the hired nannies and secret service agents will have to nurture her young.

With all of the criticisms of Governor Palin as the GOP Vice Presidential pick, the absent critique,  which is of utmost concern to this blogger is, is this true feminism?  A mother of five (with four young children) so engaged in her career that she didn’t have enough sense to say “no” when she got the invitation to run all over the country campaigning and could possibly have to put her children on hold for the next four to eight years, is supposed to be the picture of family values.  REAL mothers don’t write paychecks to pay other people to be the principle caretakers of their children.  Governor Palin just allegedly had a son with Down’s Syndrome.  The first few years of a Down’s child’s life are the most critical for development and will largely predict his ability to grow to be personally independent.  So, to the wiseguys who thought Hilary supporters would be drawn to the GOP ticket because Governor Palin is a female missed it.  Hillary mothered Chelsea Clinton.  Well-rounded women who are not selfish hedonists take care of the basics first.  Young human beings who did not ask to be conceived and born have a right to have a mother who is perfectly capable of being a mother to them, do what she signed on to do when she gave birth to each of them.  Governor Palin needs to go somewhere and sit down instead of contributing to the reason why so many of our children continually become inept adults.

This appointment to the GOP ticket shows that McCain is in this to win at the cost of our nation’s future if something happens to him.  If his judgment led him to pick Palin, then my judgment leads me to pick anyone but him.  Hilary. Palin. They can’t even be typed in the same sentence, more or less compared.  Obama/Biden may win by default.  Regardless of how much pro-Hilary voters may not have wanted to choose Obama, no one in their right mind can put someone in office who just may leave us with Palin as the President of the United States of America.  President Palin.  Someone, please get me an icepack. Now, I must retire and account for each precious moment.   I’m expecting a phone call from McCain’s camp any moment now for some sort of cabinet position to appeal to his young African-American female constituency.  My blog and political opinions should suffice as enough political experience.



  1. BRAVO – I could not have said it better – I did not think there was anything in the world that could get me to vote for Obama… I was WRONG

    Obama looks like a seasoned statesman next to Palin – McCain’s choice is a DISASTER

    I urge everyone who agrees with these statements to call McCain
    National Headquaters – 202-863-8500

    Arizona office – 602-952-2410

    I too am off for ice packs

  2. The scariest part is that, at least at the moment, there are plenty of people that love her as vp…

  3. I’m glad to see someone else pointing out the major problem with this vp selection. It really bothers me that she’s got all those children, including an infant, and is taking on a presidential campaign. I’m sure she can deal with the long hours, the travel, but what about those children?
    I can remember when my children were infants, and I cried because I had to leave them and go to work. I longed to have more time with them. I cannot respect this woman for choosing to pass off her parenting responsiblilities to others.
    I think John McCain would have gone a long way to earning voter’s respect if he had gone with his gut, named Joe Lieberman his VP, and dealt with the conservatives’ fallout.

  4. This was beautiful and awesome at the same time. I will tell you now that I will be quoting you and appreciate the words of wisdom. Thanks for reading my post because it lead me to you and that I greatly appreciate.

    Palin is not the real problem but McCain is. His total lack of putting “country first” is an affront to my sensibilities. After the whole smear campaign and the constant drumming of how Obama (who has ran his campaign to make any CEO envious) is so unprepared just loses all essence based on how McCain picked his VP. She has no credentials or experience. The fact that the GOP constantly compares her to Obama’s so called lack of experience is telling in it self. What a ridiculous suggestion. While she was playing beauty contestant and PTA mom the man was in Harvard becoming the President of the Law Review and a community activist. While she was being a mayor and governor (of nowhere USA) Obama was working in the senate. Where the hell is the comparison?

  5. Very well stated. In every election the goal is to win over the people in the middle who are undecided. Party activists on both sides will stay true to the party no matter what cost. That is why we are seeing all these Republican right-wingers bestow glowing praise for Palin, despite the fact that her family situation seems to be at odds with their supposed family values platform.

    In picking Palin, McCain has moved his party more to the extreme right. Instead of talking about jobs, healthcare, and other domestic issues that matter a lot to most Americans, we are now dealing with an ideological culture war in which abortion and teen pregnancy are the topics du jour. Not that those topics aren’t important – but with the country on the wrong track and so many people losing jobs and homes, the last thing we need are leaders with poor judgement and that’s what this all about.

    The right-wingers say Palin is someone that millions of Americans can relate to. I disagree. Palin is a (now high-profile) politician who has financial means to support her family. Most teenagers who get pregnant are usually not as fortunate and often reside in broken homes and have to harsh quality of life. I also 100% agree that her decision to run for VP is severely neglecting the needs of her newborn. Normal infants need their mothers the most, let alone a child with special needs. I’m a father of a 2 year old son, and I know first hand that when my son was born, his mother played a much more crucial role in his development because the mother is the one that the child knows the most having been in the womb for 9 months and hearing her voice.

    The sheer hypcorisy of the Republican party is just disgusting and while this pick may energize the far right, it should disgust the rest of normal America who want to know how the next President will formulate sound policy on domestic and foreign issues.

    I think the world is laughing hard at us right now. If we end up actually electing these 2 in November, we will be the laughing stock of the planet for the next 4 years at least.

  6. If McCain wanted a vibrant young intelligent female, why didn’t he pick his Secretary of State? Or did she turn him down?

  7. This is the question of the hour. What about Rice and ANY of the other top ranking female Republicans? McCain leaves us no choice but to stay home, or vote another way. Can we live with ourselves if during the next administration we have to honor President Sarah Palin, as the leader of the United States of America???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  8. Great Piece. However, if this morning’s reviews are any indication, McCain’s (and his advisors) bet on Palin may have paid off already. Real talk: Palin served two purposes- 1. attract middle of the road and pissed-off Hilary female voters and 2. energize the conservative base.
    She’s accomplishing as least the second goal.

    Conservatives, especially Evangelicals, are going crazy over her. And that’s what McCain needs because Conservatives have never liked him. Maybe this a cue to the more thoughtful and enlightened to stop this maddening insistence on being single issue people a la abortion or homosexuality. After all, G. Bush is/was against both and received almost unanimous support from Christians because of his “faith”. And 8 yrs later, despite clear evidence of intentional lies and manipulation that lead this country into this senseless war w/ Iraq, incredibly, these same christians, evangelicals will support his ideological brother (i should say father- McCain is 72) now because he chose a woman who professes faith in Christ!

  9. W, all of the major candidates professed their faith in Jesus Christ and have longstanding fellowships with Christian churches. Obama, Hilary, McCain and now Palin are all Christians. Evangelicals are excited about Palin’s alignment with the single issues from a Christian perspective (such as abortion, same-sex unions, etc), unlike the Democrats who work to further these outrageous agendas. What the Evangelicals have forgotten is the inconsistency with the appointment of Palin to the family first ideal. They all better pray and hope that Sarah Palin can hear from God because in the event that anything happens to McCain, should the GOP remain in the White House in November, unless Palin heeds to her advisors, we will all be in trouble. Allegedly, Palin had an administrator run her office while she was Wasilla mayor, and she is only in her first term as Alaska’s governor (which is akin to a first term ruler of Nauru acting like she is ready to be the US President). Sarah energized people from someone else’s speech and Americans need to wake up and put on a life vest if we have to call Governor Palin “President Palin” anytime in the near future. Might I add, Evangelicals have every right to adhere to their faith and use their spiritual convictions to guide them in voting. Although Obama has declared we are no longer just a Christian nation, we are STILL a Christian nation and our ideals and reality should reflect the same. We need our nation to be exalted, and the righteousness of God exalts a nation–not making room for false, dead and idol Gods.

  10. Heh… Alaskan here… Do not worry about our Sarah… Take a walk with the opposition at http://fuanglada.wordpress.com/ where I have pretty much devoted my blog to our Sarah since she was nominated with some facts… some humor and some criticism of your guy

  11. Maysman,
    Thanks for dropping by. I am headed to your blog in a few…
    I am NObama. So, he’s not my guy, I disagree with too much of what he does say, and am not convinced that he would be the best for the job. However, my firm disgust with much of what Obama represents does not cloud my judgment pertaining to issues that are critical, such as family values. Finally, I’m not worried about your Sarah, I just hope she doesn’t become “our” Sarah at this point in her political pursuits. She’s still in diapers, and Condeleeza and Pelosi don’t need to be consumed with trying to change hers while they are taking care of business.


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