by MullOverThis

In a speech entitled, “The America We Love”, Obama incites Americans to be patriotic to our nation while subtley putting to rest the notion that he may be unpatriotic.  You may be surprised that I only have two thoughts on this one:

1.  If only oratorical skills and charisma while reading someone else’s brillant speech writing were the quintessence of Presidential competency, we might all be convinced.  Concerted efforts to prove patriotism draws attention to a problem, which may really be non-existent.  Obama just be who you are, your patriotism or lack thereof, will shine through.

2.  Does the “we” include Michele Obama?  Hope she was the first to get the memo prepped with Q-tips to make sure there is no blockage to her auditory functions to hear, and a helmet to protect the nervous sensory ability to understand that a wife needs to act like she loves the country of which her husband wants to be President.   Even Kizzy had a patriotic moment of hope and was proud of her country knowing that one day, Michele Obama and I would be free.  At least “freer” to be on the road to the White House if we so desired, even with institutionalized racism and sexism as invisible but surmountable barriers. 





  1. I’ve noticed that politicians spend quite a bit of time defending themselves for one reason or another. We all know this is fodder for the media who hypes up every little thing. This country is in too great of a crisis right now and unity is necessary across party lines. Someone has to clean up this mess Bush has made. Anyway, I agree that all of this damage control ultimately draws attention to a situation that probably doesn’t need a third or fourth glance anyway. Give your statement to the press and let’s move on to how to fix this country! That’s my desktop analysis………..


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