Hilary Clinton’s Got Some Nerve

by MullOverThis

The absolute unmitigated colossal gaul or, “audacity of hope”  of Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton to continue her campaign as she congratulates Obama as the Democratic Nominee.  How dare this woman, who was squeezed out of the race by the influence of the media imposing pressure on fluctuating delegates and super-delegates, continue to get up and address the almost 18 million United States citizens that support her candidacy.  Ignore the fact that in terms of the popular vote, Senator Obama did not prevail against Senator Clinton when these demands for unity and the good of the party were at stake. 

Eighteen million votes usually speak volumes: even when the last tidbits were being cast for Senator Clinton last night to get her 55% of the South Dakota votes to win that primary.  However, the morning has arrived and Senator Clinton is allegedly vying for a VP nod on the Democratic ticket.  We shall see who Senator Obama chooses as his running mate.  Nonetheless, Hilary fought a good fight and apparently, she hasn’t relinquished her gloves.




6 Responses to “Hilary Clinton’s Got Some Nerve”

  1. Hello Mulloverthis,

    I responded to your comment on my blog this morning. Feel free to check it out and respond if you like. Thank you for visiting My Private Casbah.

  2. Pay off Hilary’s debt — YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME !!!!!!!!

  3. I really don’t know what to make of Hillary’s stance. Is she a sore loser or never says die? I wouldn’t trust her as a VP. She has her eyes on the prize and settling for second place for the sake of party unity sounds a little phony to me. However, some people are masters at masking their true feelings.

  4. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton could never have colloborated well together in office. The Democrats and making huge strides towards improving American diplomacy in foreign policy.

    Remember the Persian Gulf War during the Old Man Bush regime? Wait, how about America’s failure to prevent the genocide in Rwanda in 2004 while President Clinton urged United Nations peacekeepers to leave as well? Or the thousands of lives lost in Iraq when extensive studies provide that nuclear proliferations were not found?

    Talk about earmarks, pork barrel spending? Over 1 trillion dollars spent in special interest investments by conservative Republicans while most Americans cannot even afford gasfare. Exxon Mobile, Shell, and many others recorded blistering profits while I cannot afford to pay my bills making a decent wage. Hillary Clinton is done in politics, she could not fulfill her corollary to the Monroe Doctrine. *wink* Many of her friends cannot get there hands on little Cuba.

    America is at war within her own borders, and I am concerned.


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