by MullOverThis

How is it that some headlines have the audacity to ask if Hilary can steal the nomination from Obama?  Is there not a prerequisite that Obama actually have the nomination before she can steal it?  Clearly, Obama does not yet have the nomination.  The Superdelegates have the opportunity to change their allegiance and vote for Hilary, if they feel that Hilary will be the better candidate to defeat McCain.  If in fact this does occur, is that a “steal”, or just the way things work?  Hello, Bush is in office despite Al Gore having won the popular vote.

This shroud cry for Hilary to “drop out” is quite interesting.  Obama’s lead is not substantial enough to secure the nomination to date.  Why does the DNC need to have a solo nominee in order to “unify” the party and compete against the RNC candidate, John McCain? 

For those of you with answers, please post…



  1. That is the nature of the beast of politics. Sensationalize everything and rationalize nothing.


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