Northwestern University Pulls Honorary Doctorate Degree Plan for Jeremiah Wright Off of the Table

by MullOverThis

I can’t say that I fully comprehend why Northwestern University has withdrawn its offer to issue Obama’s former pastor an honorary doctorate in Sacred Theology.  Mere controversy should not be enough reason to trump a man’s entire life’s work as a spiritual leader if Wright was honorary-doctorate-worthy prior to Obama’s campaign.    Wright’s recent behavior is considerably akin to that which he has always displayed–that of a captivating orator who does not query with militant truth telling, according to his perspective and experience.  So, Northwestern University may not have done its homework in fully investigating Wright and the manner in which he has contributed his body of work to religion. 

The university’s withdrawal of the degree says a mouth-full about the import of honorary doctorate degrees in the first place.   It also speaks to the resultant public disdain from the current trend of religious leaders who talk too much in the press.  It must be difficult to eat one’s own foot in the mouth.  The reality is, if the public no longer respects a leader , the public will not receive that leader, or respect too much of what the leader has to say.  Although the weight of an honorary doctorate is overblown, had Wright been silent or at least put his public scathing on the back burner, he might have still gained the honorary degree and Obama might be doing better in the public eye.

Hopefully, our Pastors and leaders will focus on living the great life we have been called to live.  Pastor Wright would do well to spend less time in front of the cameras, as this is not a MLK moment for him to mobilize a disenfranchised people who just don’t “get it” when it comes to America.  All of the pedagogy in the world will not convince anyone.  What comes out of our mouths and actions speak volumes and will live in the minds of the public.  The last thing we need to see is Wright take his 15 minutes of fame and make it an hour long goof.


3 Comments to “Northwestern University Pulls Honorary Doctorate Degree Plan for Jeremiah Wright Off of the Table”

  1. I was waiting for someone to say Wright was talking a tad bit much. My problem with him right now is that he knows his mouth is putting Obama in the hot seat, and whether one supports Obama or not, the fact remains that this man has better things to worry about than silencing a seasoned spiritual leader. Wright should have enough wisdom to know that because of the backlash against Obama over his sermon preached five years ago, don’t add fuel to the fire by publicly engaging in this Obama media witch hunt. This man could possibly be the first “black” president and it’d be a shame if his chance is lost because of his own people not understanding discretion. Rev. Wright is from the old school so he should know something about not airing dirty laundry. I think this one of the problems in black America today: that black people turn on each other in public and don’t know how to pick their battles, then have the nerve to be outraged when Pat Buchanan wrote “A Brief for Whitey”. See link below

  2. Lawd, Lawdy, Lord…I just read Pat Buchanan’s article. I’m going to save my roast of this for a more approriate time.

  3. I agree, Wright didn’t say anything that he didn’t say before…

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