by MullOverThis

For those of you who said you don’t want another Bush in office, I guess that disqualifies Obama according to a genealogy report.  Obama appears to be related to both Presidents Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, President Ford, and General Robert E. Lee. McCain appears to be a part of the Bush family tree as well.

So if you are slightly disconcerted by the Bush dynasty’s reputed use of the US Presidency to secure its infinite wealth and power to the demise of hundreds of American lives (check out Michael Moore’s documentary Farenheit 9/11), you will be challenged to vote according to your convictions.  The report says that Obama is a tenth cousin, once removed, from his relatives, the Bushes.   I’d love to see a family portrait with Michele Obama, the budding Senator Obama, and both Bush Presidents. 

Bilary just may take this!



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