by MullOverThis

If you don’t know by now, this is not the politically correct blog. 

Thomas Beatie, allegedly a  transgender he-she, is a legal man after having had a sex change (kept her reproductive organs).   Mr./Mrs. is now married to a woman and pregnant.  Another human being who felt trapped as a woman, had to convert her being to be identified as a man.  This feeling is completely distinct from a woman just staying female and living as a lesbian with another woman.  Transgenders have to have the proper sexual identity, which is completely different from the sexual acts or preferences.  So now the former female who now lives as a man has a swelling belly and is reportedly a man having a baby. 

Newsworthiness:  a woman thinks that adding and taking away organs and flooding her body with hormones can change her sex.  The rest of the world needs to maintain enough sense to know that male human beings-men-cannot have babies.  So while this he-she is giving birth from a female womb that she was born with, whether her thought processes allow her to acknowledge the fact that she is still a woman or not, when they cut open the womb and deliver the baby, I hope the proof cries real loud. 

Meanwhile, I’ll be praying that those who choose to believe the Word of God do not fall prey to this  and other influences where everyone loves the “anything goes” lifestyles.  We live in a world where as long as no one is hurting anyone, everyone can live any way they choose to live, even when it defies how God made them.  Those who believe and are awaiting the return of the Lord Jesus Christ must be watchful, because there are not too many more lines that can be crossed or blurred with legitimizing all of the demonic strongholds that mankind has embraced with a picture and a smile.   Jesus loves all of His creation.  Everything God created He loves.  Christians draw by love, but we also have a responsibility to lead others to knowing the fulness of Christ.  That includes what Christ hates and does not accept according to the Word of God.  Sin will cause God to separate Himself from what He loves.

Transgenders are a protected class according to the law.  But when it is all said and done, there is a higher law.  Mulloverthis.




13 Comments to “A MAN WITH A BUN IN THE OVEN?”

  1. I think there is nothing wrong with wanting to have a sex change. It’s not something I would want for myself, but I respect what others want to do to their bodies even if I do not agree with their decisions.

    I think saying that transgenders, while protected by the law, will be punished by a “higher law” is a little extreme. I think transgenders, as well as homosexuals, are born that way, and if they are born that way then they should not be punished by God. Sure, they can choose to go against what they feel and try to conform to society, but why should they have to?

  2. Hello ,this is not a man. My gosh, I all most had a heart attack. It’s a woman who has gotten the change and is legally male. I thought the world was coming to an end. I’m glad that they are having the kid, but am a little scared of the child finding out about this. It’s being all in the media for the world to see- you have to protect a child from this kind of attention once they have become old enough to attend school. You find out new things everyday.

  3. Wow. Why would anyone ever pay money to be something they’re not? Pretty soon people will have surgeries to become dogs and fish because they feel they cannot be who they are when they are “trapped in a human body”. We were put on this Earth to be who we were made to be. God has a special plan for each and every one of us, so you were born a woman for a reason. But I feel sorry for the kid she/he is having. When the child introduces someone, will the child introduce them as their mom or dad? Will the mom/dad ever come clean about how they had a sex change and aren’t who they once were? I think this person has some serious mental issues and needs help and church fast.

  4. I do not see how anyone could have sex change, nor do I know why anyone would want to. I myself am a religious person and believe God created everyone the way they are supposed to be. It is not up to us to change what he created. He has the ultimate say in it all. But also many people aren’t religious and they believe they can just do whatever they want. They will have to answer to Him one day and that’s all I can say about that. But the whole issue is just weird, and I personally feel horrible for the future of that child. The baby will be forever known by his mother/father, whichever one. The transgender may feel as if they are doing a great thing, possibly breaking the barrier. But in reality who wants to be known for that for the rest of their life. They have no way to create a name for themselves, they already have one for the rest of their life and they are not even born yet. It is sad what the world is coming to if you ask me.

  5. Maybe someone can help me understand the fight and social consciousness people have to preserve nature, the environment (global warming) and when it comes to preserving the nature of mankind, whatever we think or want is what the standard is.

  6. I mean, what can you say?
    She’s a woman. She’s pregnant. It’s not really news.
    She may have short hair, and she may have taken male hormones, but whichever way you slice it, she’s still a woman.
    I don’t think it’s anyone’s place to judge what they are doing with their lives.
    It’s up to them, they made the choice, end of story.

  7. I agree with the message for he ost part. I think a sex change is completely and moraly wrong. God created you the way he wanted you. He makes no mistakes. There is a reason you were born a female or male and no reason to change that. However, God does forgive if you ask for his forgiveness. He will now whether or not you are serious or not. He will know if you are truely sorry. People sin everyday and that is why Jesus died for us, but that does not mean we can take advantage of that fact. The decisions we make everyday is up to us but when we leave this Earth it is up to God to determine where we go from there.

  8. It’s a persons right to choose to do what they please with their body, whether it be in having a sex change or having a child. Everyone has the right to start a family, and this child will be entering what appears to be a loving one. The child will be well cared for, even if his/her parents don’t fit the mold of what everyone sees as “normal”. I wouldn’t mind joining a family that wanted a child so much that they endure this kind of scrutiny just to bring a little one into the world.

  9. First of all, i do not agree to the the idea about having a sex change. I would never want to do that in my life. However, i do not really have anything against people who want to have their sex changed because i believe that we all have freedom to make our own choices in life and it is up to us to face the possible consequences in the future.
    People should not alter whatever God has given them and they should be contented with whatever they have. I just feel really bad for their child because there would probably a lot of confusion that wil be on his/her part.

  10. As a Christian, I believe that we are all purposefully designed and created by God as we should be, some female, others male. To have the desire to change your gender is not a thought or feeling inspired or given to people from God. But, He has given us the power of free will, and in today’s society, religion is not highly favored so it was his/her choice. Honestly, it’s kind of weird too and I pray for the child because I do not think it will be a healthy environment he or she will be subjected to once they come into this world.

  11. We all are subjected to the gender norms whether we know it or not but either way this woman who doesnt represent her normal gender roles is still a woman and is now having a baby. I believe that people can do what it is they want to thier bodies but how can they not have any regard for the child they will bare. This child has to be raised by two parents who most will not accept in society and who will constantly be ridiculed. Maybe the two can live happily with eachother but the child has no choice in the matter, and I pray that it will not suffer.

  12. I thought as Christians you are suppose to love all, not pick and choose who to love. If God loves everything He makes, then a person who is transgender wouldn’t be in the wrath of “God’s hate” would he or she? People tend to say they will be praying for the child that is brought up in a gay/lesbian relationship and even when a child of a certain race is raised by another race of parents. That is such discrimination. Who is to say that people that are transgender couldn’t make a suitable parent. I am all for people living to their fullest happiness, whether it be as a transgender, gay, or straight. People shouldn’t feel guilty for emotions they are not capable of controlling. It’s how their body and mind reacts. Should they go against those feelings so you, the public, feels more comfortable about the situation?

  13. Copperboom24: You are correct in that we are to love EVERYONE. God does love everything He makes. He does not make crackheads. He does not make serial killers. He does not make transgenders. He makes people who make choices and decisions, based on their feelings. Some people feel like listening to voices and some do, and some don’t. Sin is what God hates, and will never accept, especially when He has given us a way to come to Him and learn to live in victory over sin. We all have urges, impulses and desires. The challenge for the Christian and anyone else is to learn how to live a life with decency. Decency is defined for the believer, and to the unbeliever, wmay be subjective. Nonetheless, anyone who has been raised understands that no one can live however they want, as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody cause they can’t control their impulses and emotions. I do understand your point of view though. It is common in a world where anything and everything goes. This particular woman who is delusioned into thinking she is a man, has the ability to turn to God. We can’t tell the Creator and Master what He must accept. He tells us, and we oblige. When we truly love the God that loved us enough to give us life, and to give us a way to live life more abundantly, we love one another, and keep His commandments. Love does not mean make one feel good. I could love my alcoholic father that bothers no one and desires to live drunk 24/7. Love is not enabling him to keep up his destructive lifestyle. Love is giving him the truth and drawing a line where he must face his own life and choices, DESPITE what feelings, emotions, and demons he may be fighting that drove him to become an alcoholic. There is a right and a wrong way. Period. Point Blank. Grown men screwing three year olds is wrong. Men wanting a vagina and voluptuous breasts and estrogen is wrong. Fathers making babies with their own natural daughters is wrong. God loves all of His creation, but will never accept the creation that defies and denies Him. Those that love God, love what He loves, and Hates what He hates. This is my conviction, and I am not moved by anyone to live by anything other than this. The world we live in is governed by some sort of rules, whether we like it or not. Lawlessness is even a rule. Rules are given by people and this is why I blog, to speak up for the millions of Christians in this world that will not be moved and desire to see our nation experience the prosperity that comes from God when a nation lives righteously before Jehovah/Yeshua.

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