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Regardless of where one fares with whether Obama should be our next President or not, Senator Barack Obama’s speech was telling. Because of his diverse racial and ethnic make-up and up-bringing, clearly Senator Obama has an understanding and appreciation for race and its impact from a familial to institutional level in our country. HOWEVER, the empassioned truths that the dear Senator shared from his own life experience and reality may address, but does not answer or resolve, the fact that Obama is a member of a church with a Pastor who has on too many occasions made inflammatory racist remarks. This is a slippery move to align Senator Obama with the Black church and the Black community and explain why he cannot denounce Jeremiah Wright. Jeremiah Wright is not similarly analagous to the Black Community. Neither is Minister Farrakhan, one who Jeremiah Wright allegedly supports. Those who choose to sit under this type of leadership in a pastor make that choice. There are a plethora of politically astute Black male pastors who are empowering this generation to be effective citizens and fight against racism and do not employ language two notches below a good Nation of Islam speech, all in the name of Christ, to do so. Seems like Obama’s speech and its efforts were genuine and will log into the annals of time for great moments in American Politics. But, it was too greasy to stick regarding the Jeremiah Wright issue.

Obama CANNOT claim to be 20 year member of his church to authenticate his longstanding faith in Jesus Christ as the Savior of the world and not know the voice and messages that the pastor preaches/teaches. He cannot legitimately claim that he was never present and in being absent, be shocked and categorically deny the objectionable commentary by Jeremiah Wright. We are to believe that every time Obama’s pastor went off the meter, Obama just did not walk through the church doors. No one in their right or left mind, sits in a church for 20 years and does not know the message, heart, voice or vibe of their pastor and other spiritual leaders. Not unless you really weren’t at church in the twenty years, or you were doing like Bill Clinton and I did, taking naps in church.

So while so many of us were inspired by Senator Obama’s speech, the leap to connect the history and present racial animus in this country against Black people does not excuse Jeremiah Wright and his motivational messages birthed out of a real anger. Mr. no more politics as usual Obama needs to go back to the drawing board and practice being the different kind of politician that he says he is going to be as the agent of change, right now. Tell the truth Senator Obama. Your Black militant pastor has been militant, and you knew it. You could not choose your grandmother or your pops, but you can and did choose the pastor who teaches you, your wife and your children.

Obama’s knowledge of his Pastor’s sentiments does not mean that he completely aligns himself with them, he may just understand them and appreciate all of the other good that comes from listening to Jeremiah Wright’s messages. This entire pastoral relationship and slick defense of it by attaching the Black community as the band-aid, does lend some light to Michelle Obama’s slip a number of weeks ago, where she stated, “For the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m proud of my country…” The need to try to correct this Obamamania stump with the real and present “racism in America” issue while subtlely heightening the insensitivity of those who question Obama’s loud-mouth pastor who has crossed the line is disingenious in my opinion. Of course, I invite you to share yours…

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5 Comments to “OBAMA’S MOMENTOUS SPEECH-Genuine or Greasy?”

  1. For some strange reason it kept running through my head this morning as I was driving into the office that if Obama is so in tune with the racial divide he can somehow heal that divide, how could he be so blind as to not recognize just how utterly and viscerally offensive the remarks of Rev. Wright would be to a large percentage of the population, so much so that it would severely threaten his candidacy. It makes me feel as though he really doesn’t understand both sides quite as well as he seems to think he does.

  2. Obama is greasy. I don’t care which way you cut the pie, he is a greaseball. The speech was cute and brilliantly crafted but why at this stage in the game is he preaching about race relations? Personally, I think he is trying to manage the damage his bugged-out pastor caused last week after ranting and raving videos of (Wright)him popped up on the net. One reporter mirrored their relationship to a sit down with David Duke of the KKK. How damaging is that? He has to clean it up quickly.

  3. Many attacks can be made on all candidates. Greasy is not appropriate, nor are any other personal attacks. No candidate is perfect. In evaluating a candidate for the presidency, we should look at their past accomplishments, voting records and opinions. Obama’s record in the Senate is not long enough to fully evaluate him. He has spent much of his time as a Senator, campaigning for the presidency. In other words, he does not have enough solid experience to ensure us that he can do the job. Clinton’s most persuasive argument is that he does not have enough experience. Both she and McCain do. So the decision should be between the two of them.

  4. As an Obama supporter myself from before he even announced his candidacy, the Reverend Wright debacle has been the lowest point in his campaign for me. It doesn’t affect how I feel about him and his ability to bring something new to Washington and to the white house. It just gives haters more material to send in their mass chain e-mails…and even after this issue regarding his United Church of Christ pastor, I won’t be surprised if some ignorant people STILL think he’s Muslim. His speech was geniusly written and executed, and Obama’s charisma allows him to never seem like a slick politician, whereas Hillary often comes off as very calculating in every move she makes to help her campaign. I have a hard time he did not know about Revered Wright’s radical and inflammatory stances, but when it comes down to it, I’d rather have a president with a crazy preacher than one like Bush who uses his church views to decide the fate of bills that do not even affect him.

  5. Megan & KIM —“…we should look at their past accomplishments, voting records and opinions…” —I believe there are four US Presidents in our nation’s history that have had comparable or LESS “experience” than Obama. Some have had much more, and looking at our credibility and approval by other countries today, and even w/increasing internal dissatisfaction w/Bush, experience is only AN indicator and not fully definitive. While what you have stated is a good place to begin, slick tactics should be added to what we need to evaluate because that is what makes the difference between a good politician and a good pimp, mafia don, or gang leader. Obama HAS AND HAD NOT BEEN vocal about racism in America until it became convenient for him to save his hide in this campaign. He also has not been active in being a leader to address present racism in America during his tenure as an Illinois Senator or US Senator. Everybody, including the KKK leader wants better education for our children. So looking at the proof in the pudding, that is slick tactics. “Obama’s charisma allows him to never seem like a slick politician…” Oh, if people would only look past the charisma, which most lying cheating slick folks have and use to manipulate people. I’m glad Obama has charisma, but charisma does not refute slickness, although it may disguise it in practice. I don’t think Obama is a greaseball, I just think he knows exactly what he is doing and is disingenious about having different tactics than other machine politicians and his use of the RACE card, supposedly to his advantage, is slick as all get up.

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