by MullOverThis


Surely, New York State soon to be ex-governor Eliot Spitzer did not anticipate on January 1, 2007 that his governorship would have been so short-lived. Had the root of Dr. Seuss’s influence sprigged into the consciousness of his adult psyche, Spitzer must have known that he was going to get busted. First of all, the building blocks of how to remain in office when your ticket is anti-corruption is clean up the mess in your own closet, or at least sweep it under the rug. In other words, wait until your term is over to think you can funnel thousands of dollars through different accounts, some of which allegedly may have been government funds, to support a specific order for a 105 pound brunnette. So for Spitzer, that should have at least included omitting the frequent visits to whoremongers, or having the whoremongers travel to meet him (Did I say “whoremonger” in 2008? Pass this one up to a turret’s syndrome like moment while typing).

When this revelation of yet another man cheating on his wife broke, I did not think that we would be singing the oh so familiar Mickey Mouse song to the New York State Governor, “Now it’s time (pause) to say good-bye (pause) to all our family…E-L-I…” We are simply dealing with a governor plus a call girl/escort (in the whoredom industry high class call girls should never be categorized amongst menial street level hookers or prostitutes). Well, when we had a married DC Mayor with a hooker (she wasn’t an exclusive whore, so we can appropriately call her a hooker) plus crack cocaine and enough expletives to make the Supreme Court re-think the protections profanity enjoys in this nation, not only was the Mayor re-habilitated, but was re-elected. So Spitzer’s fairly quick departure from the governor’s office may be the right thing to do, but still remains ironic. We must accept the fact that we don’t like men who publicly cheat on their wives in the governorship position. Mayors tend to fare better. A Former New York Mayor thought for five seconds he had a chance of winning the Republican nomination for US President when he completely disrespected his wife and children by allowing his then “other woman” (who is now his wife) to frequent the family residence in overnight visits. His public shuffling of his girlfriend did not stop him from completing his term in office but stopped his children from campaigning for him during his presidential bid.

I’m not quite sure how to process this moral turpitude in the land of progressive immorality. Some of the same people who denounce a married man soliciting hookers will fight for two gay men or women to have the right to marry and raise children. Maybe we should simply be grateful that enough people still prefer governmental leaders to exemplify family values and be faithful to their spouses. And, if there is infidelity the leaders should spend more than 54 seconds giving a blanket apology to the public and family without specifically apologizing to the spouse. While so many don’t respect Hilary because she didn’t leave Bill, she demonstrated that some political families, as well as everyday homes, survive spousal infidelity.

Maybe Spitzer’s exit from office is attributable to the alleged illegal activities and possible future charges. The question remains whether Spitzer’s activities will cost him his wife and family. I personally hope they do not. What people like Spitzer often forget during those brain freeze moments is that the young hot “thangs” are not worth a career, marriage, family, possible loss of license to practice if convicted of a felony, one of Hilary Clinton’s super-delegates, and the list goes on. The face of the order No. 9 speaks of a volume of women who think they are liberated every time they demean and reduce themselves to some money and bling to satisfy men who completely objectify them. The face of Spitzer’s wife is that of too many women who must juggle between their own self-worth/respect and sustaining a commitment to a life with a man who typically would never put up with the same malfeasance from his cheating wife. To think of enduring years of his unpleasantries to be given a bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day and some unknown gets the value of a good high-end pocketbook or a month of private school tuition for a romp, brings other unmentionable thoughts to mind. My heart goes out to the many faces that have to deal with public scrutiny and humiliation because one spouse’s decisions have opened up a tab that just may keep running.



  1. This type of thing is too rampant in politics, but the good thing that came out of this was a first, which is Patterson’s time to shine. There is a questions on the table, not mine, but question still, that does it really matter what politicians do behind closed doors since we are looking to them to lead and not be our moral compass? Of course the Christian answer is a little leaven will leaven the whole lump, so at some point private immorality will lead to public corruption. But a person of another paradigm may feel differently. Just wanted to throw the question out there in case there were other points of view.

  2. Personally, I don’t think a moral indiscretion that falls shy of criminal or severe ethical considerations should trump a person’s career in office. If Spitzer were otherwise competent, and his marital woes did not affect his ability to serve (like constantly showing up to work with black eyes), it shouldn’t matter. However, something like this would quite possibly have colored my desire to see him in office, simply because of the influence our politicians tend to have, and as you so succintly stated, private morality will eventually trickle down into public decision-making.

  3. I agree with mulloverthis. Most people do want their government officials to hold high morals and family values. A few weeks ago a recall election happened in Arlington, Ore. because of a mayor’s “racy” photos on Myspace. Many people in the small town thought a picture of her in her black bra and boy-short panties on the town’s firetruck was giving the town a bad name and should be taken down. Do her photographs compare to what Spitzer is putting his family and state through? No, but it does boil down to representing people who elected you and maintaining high moral values. Watching how you act comes along with the territory of being an elected official. Many people think things can be swept under the rug, but in reality, somebody is always watching and it will come back to haunt you. And my heart does go out to Spitzer’s wife and children, and all other spouses and families who must go through this. Sticking beside someone when they have betrayed you in that way takes a special kind of person, and I admire her courage.

  4. I think that it is very sad as well that his family has deal with the consequences of his actions so publicly. Something such as this is already tough to deal with, but then you have the entire nation knowing as well is painful. I think that the country feels that it is important to hold high morals and values. It puts in my mind that if they don’t want to live by morals and values as simple as fidelity, what else are you refusing to obey.

  5. Politicians, bottom line, hold a leadership position and I believe that they should have high regard for values and respect. Of course, we are humans and have faults, but if you are going to take on such a role with many expectations and standards, you should be more aware of your actions and the message that you truly want to and realistically are sending to the public. When you accept this position and what comes with it, you have to realize that it is no longer about you, but what you stand for and how you present yourself, and that it has a direct impact on the people. You are now representing your country, and without morals and respect, I believe he and others are doing a great injustice to us and themselves.

  6. I agree with gud4class in that if Spitzer doesn’t want to exercise fidelity with the people he is obligated to in every way, what else is he refusing to obey? Charity begins at home, and if he cannot respect his family what hope is there for the stranger? The fact that he has to go find himself a prostitute show the full gamut of his perversion. He has a problem.

  7. I think family values are very important to the people of the U.S. It is extremely embarrassing for his wife and family to have to go through all of this in Public. I do think his secret life (NO. 9) is involved in his career. Who wants a governor who can’t keep it in his pants. what about his moral and religious values? Did they get thrown to the curb as his family and wife did? What type of an example is he setting? He is throwing his career down the drain for a whore. How stupid can you be? Politicians are in the public eye so like luvofmusiq said they hold a leadership position and should have high regard for valuse and respect. Cheating is a crime and he should be punished, along with his hooker girl.

  8. Stephanie & others, true story: I have a friend whose father and mother were an American success story. They both grew up on the streets in the Bronx, and were first generation Newyoricans (Puerto Ricans born in NYC). The two married, re-located, and the father eventually went to law school, while the mother worked to support the entire family. The couple raised a Christian family while the father and mother both held “prestigious” positions in their local government and at their home church. The father received an appointment to one of our recent former President’s administration. The father took the appointment and decided not to uproot his wife and family for a position which he anticipated would just last up to eight years. His family home was only a stone’s throw away from D.C., anyway. This family did not survive the Washington political scene. One of the father’s aides, a much younger woman, became his friend, lover and now, wife. This man never thought he would ever not be where he finds himself. After his experience in D. C., he joined a law firm as a named partner. He has amassed great wealth, and he and his bunny wife share it. This man has suffered great loss in a compromised relationship with his children and grandchildren. As many “insiders” explain, there’s a public life, and all kinds of stuff that spouses don’t know about. Can we blame the culture? Absolutely not, each human being is responsible for his/her own choices. These situations show us what is really inside of us, and what we are really capable of, when presented with life-changing choices. There is a strong sub-culture that gets highlighted every once in a while when a madamme is indicted.

  9. I would say that it is important to have a leader with strong moral values. Politicians not only act as leaders but also as role models to our society. With this kind of behavior, people usually lose their respect and trust on the person who is involved. I believe that our leaders should be the people who we can look up to. I know that nobody is perfect and everybody makes mistakes. However, cheating is something that is highly unaccepted in our society and the majority of us would probably say that he still could have done something to not end up in that situation.

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