THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL-Governor-Designate David Patterson

by MullOverThis

Many people talk about Governor-Designate David Patterson’s blindness as if this is an issue of leadership. I believe that in the midst of this crisis, it is clear that the right person was selected for the Lieutenant position and will be a competent 55th New York State Governor.

Well I say, forget his blindness- this is a man with vision! David Patterson has tremendous intellectual capacity and charm that is needed for this position. Quite the opposite of the soon to be ex-Governor Eliot Spitzer whose tactics were likened to a steamroller, one that looked for dirt on other people and showed no mercy or compassion. I don’t even want to mention the degree of offense to former State Comptroller Hevesi who used his driver or staff person to drive his ailing wife home on occasion. Or the State Senator Joe Bruno fiasco where instead of governing Spitzer acted like in investigator back at AG’s office.

I am thrilled to hear of Governor-Designate Patterson’s rise to lead this great state. Yes, I am very pleased that New York finally has an African-American Governor!!! Out of great shame and disappointment, we have a gained a statesman in Governor-Designate David Patterson who has been making contributions to the State of New York for over 20 years. Patterson also has deep family roots in politics. His father Basil Patterson, was the first African American to run for Lt. Governor many years ago and served as Secretary of State in the past. Prior to joining Eliot Spitzer’s team, Governor-Designate David Patterson was the State Senator representing Harlem. His style is one that I believe will manage ethical issues with great consideration. Patterson has certainly supported fair dealings with Minority and Women Owned Businesses that are eligible to get government contracts to the same degree as while males.

I had the opportunity to meet him a few years ago where he gave a talk on corporate governance within a legal context. He is a very insightful and engaging person that can captivate an audience. Yes, he is a political progressive but I believe that his manner is such that he has great support from legislators in this state. As well, I was honored to attend his inauguration last year in Harlem and I was thrilled to be among a packed house at Riverside Church to witness history. There was thunderous applause throughout the course of his address. Even that night, I do recall someone inadvertently calling him “Governor”. Well, there is something to say about “speaking those things into existence…” or weighted “slips of the tongue”. The bottom line is Governor-Designate Patterson is a respected politician and at this point New Yorkers need to look forward and embrace all that comes with this new leadership. Patterson has 33 months left of this term to show that Spitzer’s demise is a new beginning for the State of New York.

Moderator’s Note: This contribution is fromThe Lady who has a career in intergovernmental and legal affairs.


3 Responses to “THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL-Governor-Designate David Patterson”

  1. Patterson will give his long time homonym, Frank Padavan, a chance for redemption, after Padavan was repeatedly jitled for a commissionership under Pataki and Giuliani. Padavan prides himself as a party-less independent, and has been under increasing thret from his traditional constituents because of his opposition to their dormitory and their feudal zoning casuistry. Given how he was ostensibly denied commissionerships in order to preserve the majority, he relishes this unique opportuntiy at payback.


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