TWO OF THE GRASSLEY SIX HAVE RESPONDED: Senator Max Baucus Backs Senator Grassley in Televangelist Probe

by MullOverThis

So far, Joyce Meyer and Benny Hinn have responded to Senator Grassley’s original letter requesting information from six televangelist ministries. Creflo Dollar, Eddie Long and Kenneth Copeland have not yet complied and appear to be challenging the jurisdiction of the Senate Finance Committee to make such inquiries. These three ministries, along with Paula White who agrees to cooperate, have been issued additional letters with the added authority of the Chairman of the committee, Senator Max Baucus. So if this were a schoolyard wrangle two decades ago, it looks like Senator Grassley’s got some “back” [fighting reinforcements]. The second letter sets forth the basis of jurisdiction for imposing such questions to the Grassley 6. The Senate Finance committee distinguishes its oversight from the IRS, as the IRS enforces already existing tax laws while this review deals with the effectiveness of tax-exempt policies in ministries. “We have an obligation to oversee how the tax laws are working for both tax-exempt organizations and taxpayers. Just like with reviews of other tax-exempt organizations in recent years, I look forward to the cooperation of these ministries in the weeks and months ahead.” [March 12, 2008 Press Release: Grassley, Baucus Urge Four Ministries To Cooperate With Information Request] The weight of Senator Baucus joining this probe imports a greater ability for the Senators to acquire subpeonas from the non-obliging ministries.

For Press Release from United States Senator Chuck Grassley and Letters to Ministries:

7 Responses to “TWO OF THE GRASSLEY SIX HAVE RESPONDED: Senator Max Baucus Backs Senator Grassley in Televangelist Probe”

  1. i am so glad that this senator has finally done something about these criminals that live extreme lavish lives far beter than the ones who are told to send them a seed offering and expect god to bless you with health and prosperety. i saw doug wead on keneth copelands brodcast all this week. here are a few things that were said that i feel are not right. first wead accussed the senator of attacking only pentecostal ministries because the senetor is a baptist……….lie # 1. wead repeats many times that when he was a young boy and his father a pentecostal preacher that wead remebers reading tracks where baptist were calling pentecostals demon possesed. did the senetor say that……..NO. so why bring this statement up over and over. it is so obvious that this is a white wash or brainwashing of copelands so called partners to see the senator as a pentecostal hater. that is false. wake up people. look on the web at what these people earn and how they live. jesus would puke if he walked the earth today and heard and saw what they were doing in his name. these preachers all speak of raising the dead………………..why dont they go to the mourge? there are many wealty athiest. and another lie you will hear,and you have to listen close is. poverty being preached………da da da. that is false because the way they explain it you are poor if you aren’t rich. that is a lie. read timothy. these ministries living like kings hiding behind their attorneys,scurting taxes by calling their mansions and jets as belonging to the ministriy. look on the web at some of these peoples statements and prophecies that never came to pass. the bible plainly says that is a FALSE prophet. yet you continue to send them money and support these heretics. the bible says blessed are you when you are being persecuted for my names sake. understand that these ministries being investigated………not for my names sake,but for scouping up huge somes of money for themselves and calling it a blessing for god. please america………WAKE UP! it is time to make these heretics responsible for what they do with your money. thank you.

  2. There are implications here that are larger than what I think most people realize. Other Christian leaders have realized how the results of this situation could affect all of our future and have stepped ep in support of Copeland. There is no evidence of wrongdoing by any of the ministries in question. Grassley has requested details that are just ridiculous, and makes one wonder what he may have planned to use them for in the future.

  3. I believe due to economic pressures and the shift of the control in the House of Reps. that any conservative who has a substantial financial wealth is being examined. Read 2 Corinthians 8:8 and also the 21st verse which says “For we are taking pains to do what is right, not only in the eyes of the Lord but also in the eyes of men.” I think conservative Christians are being tested and I think this is a wonderful opportunity to be forthcoming with information similar to the transparency of political contributions. Imagine the impact when this senate committee discovers not only are these organizations good stewarts of their money that the commitee sees just how much they have given, how much good it has done, and the numbers they have reached. Perhaps it will inspire less taxation when the commitee realizes that the more money it leaves in their pockets the more money they contribute to the less fortunate.

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