Three Kennedy’s Endorse Clinton

by MullOverThis

Regardless of where we go from here, either the first African American man or the first female will be Democratic nominee for President of the United States.  This is a great day in America when two generations ago, this was utterly impossible.  Certainly womens’ and civil rights movements have served to change the climate in America for the better, although we still have work to do in reaching the ideal where racism and sexism is non-existent.

While Obama is surging ahead to tighten the gap between Hilary and himself as the agent of change, some important news was lost in the flurry.  Three of Senator Robert Kennedy’s children–Robert, Kathleen and Kerry–support Hilary Clinton.   I’m not convinced that the Kennedys are the barometer for what is good or right in politics, but these Kennedy’s statements in preference for Hilary is what is telling.  After all of the motivation in the world, the pivotal question that needs to be answered is who is going to get the job done.   Obama says change is key.

What kind of change can we look forward to with Obama?  The kind of change that comes from retaining good counselors and speech writers.  Charismatic change.  Americans do not need to go to bed at night feeling good and inspired to get involved without any REAL change.  With Obama’s history as a public servant in Illinois and as a US Senator, what has Mr. Barack done that is substantially different than any other senator?  What exactly are Obama’s accomplishments that indicate he is not another spoke in the wheels of the political machine?   Please someone help me see the great change that has come as a result of Barack’s leadership.  Charisma and the ability to reach the masses is unique and critical.  But I don’t believe for one second it translates to effective leadership and transformation when it comes to the White House.  Action does.

This is the point that Senator Clinton made in reference to Obama’s MLK and JFK reach to believe beyond the norm.  Senator Clinton remarked that it took a president to get things done and a barage of criticism for racial bias ensued.  If Hilary Clinton were a smurf (merely a character) anything she says about Obama would be spinned and this is what is nasty and divisive.

The truth is there was no insensitivity towards MLK Jr. because MLK Jr. was not the Civil Rights Movement.  MLK Jr. joined a movement that already had national prominence before he arrived.  The work of Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, circuit court justices, civil rights attorneys and civil rights groups helped to provide a sweet context for MLK’s voice.  His voice was a voice of inspiration, unification and non-violent social change.  Surely his leadership and motivational style affected change.  However, it was one that sensibly epitomized the convictions of millions of Americans.  That is why MLK was supported.  All of the sit-ins, boycotts and freedom rides  provoked attention and compelled action because of the economic weight Black folks and our arms in the struggle brought to the forefront.  These actions would have been mere exercise if the President, and so many other politicians and legislators, did not enact and enforce laws and regulations to guarantee our security and entrance into a new era.  THAT IS WHAT TRUE UNITY IS ALL ABOUT. RECOGNIZING THE CONTRIBUTIONS OF MLK JR. in a proper  perspective.  It took LBJ and the gamut of federal leadership to sign, authorize and approve laws and to use their authority to abate the wickedness of Jim Crow eighty years later.  The great national climate did not shift because JFK offered a butterfly soliloquy and locked arms with MLK.  White supremacists did not put down their hoses, stop burning crosses, cease race riots and using nooses, destroying Black owned property and businesses, raping Black women, murdering and lynching black folks and liberal Whites because they were motivated by some speeches.  They got arrested, tried, pushed back by federal troops, US Marshals, the National Guard and the whole nine yards.   Protection and the enforcement of laws came because politicians were part of the formula. Just as the stroke of legislative pens formally established color lines with the Black Codes and Jim Crow laws, it took the stroke of pens to erase them.  The climate is still shifting today because racism in America still exists.

What concerns me is this so-called movement for change, on a platform of nothing distinguishing Obama from his colleagues or predecessors.  This rhetoric is a smokescreen that is questionable in that we really need to examine what lies behind it.  This campaign strategy is brilliant because Americans may become more patriotic but when it comes down to it, some will fan the war that Obama and Hilary are against.  Patriotism is subjective and this reality is what will always present a divide.  Americans may unite in our love for this country, but what we love and do not love about America will never be agreeable to all.  The President’s job is not to over-import the role of national unity which oftentimes conflicts with what decisions are right for America.  This concept is a fairy tale.


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