by MullOverThis


Apparently, I’m not smarter than a third grader.  This past weekend, I was invited to a dinner party hosted by a friend and her beau.  I had the privilege of meeting some great down-to-earth Christians.  The food was surprisingly great (I went to college with this friend and her cooking skills were challenged back then) and we committed one etiquette no-no.  Yes, someone else bravely raised the issue of politics and we spent a few moments discussing the incumbent President and who is best suited to lead this nation.  The opining stopped shy of a caterwaul.  The only unanimous conclusion was not to vote for Obama simply because he is Black. 

Then we played a DVD version of ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A FIFTH GRADER.  Although one player present was able to spout out “Istanbul” as the only city that occupies two continents, and “the Blue Whale” as the biggest animal who also makes the loudest sound, most of us were wanting with answers to our questions.  An accountant, a couple of attorneys, an IT professional, and a consultant, were all scrambling for answers. My favorite question and answer for the evening was this:  If a farm has one farmer, one pig and one bird on it, how many legs are on the farm? An intelligible man queried with the answer, 8 (one farmer has two legs, one pig has four legs, and one bird has two legs=2+4+2=8) because the question was culturally biased.  In his culture, which happens to be akin to mine, pigs have feet, not legs. Pigs feet, or souse. 

Regardless of culture, what are feet connected to?  Legs.

Suffice it to say, the evening was delightful.  Who couldn’t use some great laughter which is good for the soul. According to my scorecard, I could also afford to brush up on elementary music, arts and more.  No wonder my niece’s book-bag looks and feels like she totes a boulder to school each day.  I’m glad I got through fifth grade a couple of decades ago.




  1. haha! A couple of decades ago? God bless you young lady!
    I played the same game at a get together. One particularly funny question was what animal was extinct: the horned badger, the snow leopard, and some other animal. While we deliberated, one brother concluded that the horny badger was extinct because the snow leopard ate it! Replacing horned for horny, we knew how to pray for HIM, lol!
    And the city I teach in….it’s very likely school kids have a boulder in their bags….and more.

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