NEWSFLASH: SLEEP, Yes SLEEP, Is Racial in 2008 Presidential Election

by MullOverThis

President Bill Clinton and I both committed the same atrocity recently.  We were both in church and fell asleep.  President Clinton was seated behind the orator, Martin Luther King III.  I was seated inconspicuously in the pews. I wonder if Bill or my nap was longer.   I felt my head jerking back and forth at least three or four times.  Thank God the preaching Bishop was African American and knows that I respect him.  Otherwise, he might have allowed the precious goldmine of good thoughts to go right out of the window of his mind, along with folks who are determined to put the race card on the table where it does not exist.  I hope the Bishop did not espouse the notion that my sleep was a result of anything other than tiredness and exhaustion. 

When Bill Clinton fell asleep, the normal factors that lead to sleep may have been at play, but were also prompted by how Bill really feels about Black people, according to sentiments expressed online.  Bill’s nap during a momentous memorial speech shows how he really felt about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the whole nine yards, cause if he really cared, he would have prepared by sleeping well the night before.  Note for Bill:   In the future, rest well when attending African American functions.  Naps are inappropriate and a huge statement on how you feel about African Americans–at least the ones who converse with and are influenced by “the Man”. 

Now, the nap was disrespectful and ill-mannered.  It is rude to sit in church and go to sleep especially when you have clear visibility behind the speaker.  So on that note, I owe the Bishop an apology.  And Clinton owes the Reagan’s an apology too, for allegedly falling asleep at President Reagan’s funeral.  Conveniently, Bill and Ronald are like-Caucasioned, so there is no room for intimating racial animosity there.  President Clinton might offer one to MLK III, who might not have even been offended.  I am sure he is used to droplets of spontaneous sleep within the audience after years of public speaking. 

Now, I am not oblivious to racial bias or animus everyday in America.  As an African American woman who does recognize racism and its effects not only in the African American community, I am also careful not to impute foolishness either.  This is the greatest time in our nation’s history where the top two Democratic hopefuls are “never befores”.  We have never had a female president.  We have never had an African American president.  Obama’s presence in this race challenges us to decide whether the African American communal convictions are for equality for all men.  Is equality finally found in “we support our own”, only who is “genuinely” our own, or we support based upon what we have fought for–to be evaluated upon our merit and content of our character.  In discerning uncharted territory, we cannot be so deluded that sleep becomes racial.   


2 Comments to “NEWSFLASH: SLEEP, Yes SLEEP, Is Racial in 2008 Presidential Election”

  1. I agree that everything is not a race issue. Things are at the point now where African-Americans are hypersensitive and constantly offended. As much as we have gone through in the past, with having no rights, no respect, no true participation in American society outside of free and forced labor, you’d think we’d learn how to wink as some things. All of this straining at gnats distracts us from real issues. And if we do decide to have a hissy fit, let’s have one at how we treat EACH OTHER! We are out here committing cultural suicide and people are worrying about Clinton counting sheep. Puh-lease.


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