CREFLO GIVES IT UP-Sells Controversial Rolls Royce

by MullOverThis

Creflo Dollar sold one of his Rolls Royce’s valued at $280,000  gifted to him by the World Changer’s church, according to a blog.  He gave the proceeds to the children’s ministry.   

WISE MOVE.  Not because Creflo should cater to the pressures from criticism, but simply because goodwill dictates that he forego an open display of material possessions.   Christians are admonished to give up what may be perfectly permissable when our entitlements severely hinder the weak.    The Kingdom of God really requires Creflo to give up the “meat” or the Rolls, so that the brethren who have stumbled won’t be discouraged by all of the goods he has amassed through gifts or otherwise.  Paul became as much like those who he wanted to “reach” as he possibly could, without sinning, in order to “win” them for the Kingdom of God.  For the sake of peace, Creflo is not sinning in giving up one of his Rolls Royce automobiles, the possession of which is sinful in the minds of some Christians.   The gospel of the Kingdom is what is quintessential and should be the primary focus.

This unsolicited time Creflo and the Grassley 6 have in the “does God want us to be rich” limelight is also an opportunity  to disclose some unknown philanthropic pursuits.  Creflo is careful to note that he has purchased over 100 cars for other people.  It will be interesting to see how wealthy ministers will curtail their public images as a result of the Senate inquiry. Ultimately, the world is an open classroom for these chosen teachers–the Grassley 6– to impart truth about Godly prosperity, the bedrock of which is Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the cross.  Material wealth and prosperity is simply an excresence that comes from our inheritance as sons and daughters in the Kingdom of God.

Please read the following scriptures for understanding: 1 Corinthians 9:19-25; Romans 14:15-20; 1 Corinthians 8:1-13.

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8 Responses to “CREFLO GIVES IT UP-Sells Controversial Rolls Royce”

  1. I’m glad that Creflo decided to put away the Rolls also. I am also encouraged to hear that he has donated over 100 cars to individuals. As is normally the case, these facts are never publicized. I’m also confident that his critics don’t care to know about this either.

  2. really good one and thanks for it. for indian matrimonials

  3. What a dumb argument about giving up nice things so SOMEONE ELSE won’t stumble. I had a brother once “stumble” over a new pair of shoes that I bought for $150. Back to payless. We just take the scripture all OUT of context. Hell, if we did that, NONE OF US WOULD HAVE DAMN THING. Someone gon always be hatin, I mean “stumbling” over what you have! I think it was nice for him to do that, but he has given over a hundred cars to folks! WHERE IS THAT STORY! I would not have given up anything….first my car, then what, my bike with the gold dust plastic handle bars? I’m so sick of dumb christians allowing the world to judge us!

  4. Izzy, I hope that you will take the time to provide what you think is proper context of this principle which is ALL THROUGHOUT THE BIBLE. Apparently you are unaware of the teachings where we, CHRISTIANS, are obligated to conduct ourselves in such a manner where we are without fault or blame to the world! So call it what you will, a Christian cannot even stand to minister in the house of God through proper ordination WITHOUT having had a good witness in the world, and that is one who Christ said involves temperance and modesty in all things. The standard of whether we hinder of brother does not begin with outright sin, it begins with what we could reasonably forego for the sake of the gospel. So sorry, the World and how they view how we live as Christians, has a say so. Why? Because they are the ones we are SUPPOSED TO BE TRYING TO REACH, and a Rolls Royce and a pair of shoes shouldn’t mean that much to us.
    Again, that does not mean that we cannot own nice things. I refuse to wear Payless unless they start making better shoes. I encourage you to read all of the scriptures posted and re-visit this blog with a proper interpretation of those scriptures and any others you feel guide this issue. Otherwise, I think you need to take your “stumbling” contentions up with the one who gave us this principle, GOD himself.

  5. Ehm Mullover this

    Jesus never cared what the world thought. According to them he dined with winebibers, carvorted with publicans and hobknobbed with Prostitutes so IZZY is correct. Jesus simply didnt give a hoot as it related to the opinions of men.

    Where you are correct is that we should be careful not to let weak brethren stumble but that again only applied in areas of dispute over conduct not over whether or not we had material positions. For instance should I drink or eat certain kinds of foods in the presence of brethren for which those kinds of foods or drinks caused them to sin ?

    Your stance against Rolls Royces but at the same time refusing to wear Payless Shoes are an inherent contradiction becasue there are indeed folks who feel that wearing payless shoes are immodest. Do you wear Jewelry, Make-up (assuming that you are a woman),nice clothes , a nice house ? I mean where will it end? Does the world compain when Diddy and Tupac and Trump and all those guys ride Rolls Royces ? So why the sudden sanctimonious stance.

    It’s the goodness of God coupled with the conviction of the Holy Ghost not the presence or the absence of Rolls Royces that leads men to repentance. I hope Creflo didnt sell his Rolls Royce in response to criticsm. He should obey God and leave it as that .

    Proverbs 29:25-26 “The fear of man bringeth a snare: but whoso putteth his trust in the LORD shall be safe.

  6. STEVE M, “Jesus never cared what the world thought.” I can’t begin to address this statement. His entire mission for coming to the world was to change the hearts of men. You can’t reach a population whose thoughts you don’t care about. Everyone who was converted was of the world, and had thoughts that were “of men”. Clearly, because He is Truth, He came to uncompromisingly introduce and influence the world and not allow the opinions of men to operate in His KIngdom, which is not of this world. Furthermore, the don’t eat meat was a question over eating meat offered unto idols. This was not merely a question of conduct, but a question of whether one should endulge in what is perfectly permissable for the believer when it “hindered” the weak believer (one who did not have understanding). Your conclusion is your conclusion, with all due respect. The Scriptures quoted in the original post speak volumes above your analysis. Additionally, Paul took the entire principle outside of the meat offered unto idols context in training others–debasing oneself and being as much like one you are trying to win as is possible so that they will not stumble provided there is no sin–which is also demonstrated in the scriptures in the original post. So we don’t worry about what the world complains about or does not complain about fairly, or indiscriminately as a standard for how the believer acts, or lives. I did not come up with this, God did and His Word is too abundant demonstrating this principle to those who want to know the mind of God. Thank God I have not encountered anyone who thinks Payless shoes are immodest. I personally would not know where to go to find shoes more modest than Payless. BTW, I have ALWAYS conformed to the standard of dressing that my church feels is appropriate, so as NOT TO HINDER. When I stand to minister, I do not wear excessive makeup, hanging jewelry, etc. I wear priestly garments so that no one will be hindered from HEARING because they have spent 10 minutes checking out my clothes and other stuff…..Finally, I should hope we all know what truly saves the souls of men. It is what hinders men from receiving the truth, and even when converted, trusting in the integrity of those who say they know the way of the Lord, that needs to be worked on. God bless!

  7. recently posted elsewhere on this, used with permission:

    Reasons not to have a lavish display of wealth:

    It has an appearance of evil:

    – for a preacher who takes offerings, that he uses those for these things.
    – that one is materialistic

    It causes people to stumble.

    – man looks on the outside. Yes, God looks at the heart, but man looks on the outside, especially those on the outside – whom we want to win to God

    Love – All things are lawful for me, but not all things are expedient.

    God does not mind your having wealth if you are not covetous. He checks your heart. But there is someone else we are commanded to love – our brothers, and others. It is not love to do something that makes someone stumble.

    Your witness – looks materialistic, self-serving

    Your fellowship – it puts too much of a gap between you and those around you who have so much less, actually cutting you off from a level of fellowship you could be enjoying. It makes people uncomfortable, feel bad about themselves, what they have. It can isolate you from spiritually rich and worthy people who would enrich your life, had you not allowed yourself to be so far above them in this area. It can isolate you.

    True, he sets a table before us in the presence of our enemies – so stay off my feet is what some have said. Is that love? Will that produce the highest result for the kingdom of God?

    Prosperity is a good witness when people can see you always having all sufficiency and being a generous giver both to God and to others, regardless of economy, etc.

    But lavishness draws such attention to things that even your good can be evil spoken of. There’s a point where the attention is drawn to the things and it doesn’t matter how much you give, the things speak louder.

    Lavishness draws the covetous, those with insincere motives to court your favor. Many, if not most people treat rich people with a fawning, going along with aspect that is not healthy for you. It is entirely more difficult to be humble with this false praise and false attention surrounding you. Besides the temptation to become prideful and independent, it can set up an insecurity in you, always wondering if those seeking you out are doing so for your sake or for your money.

    Like it or not, the world has an enough-is-enough level for regular people, for Christians. Why cause the problem? There is a point where you can have good quality things, your dreams, good things all around – but the high roller level invites needless problems.

    Right or wrong, it is a factor. You can hold out for your rights, but there will be a tradeoff. The “persecution clause” in the 100-fold scripture is a warning of the jealousy inherent in man. Increased wealth will be noticed when it is spent on yourself. Avoid the lavishness and there will be far less persecution. Yes, receive from God, but for it to go through you to the works God wishes to advance

    God’s blessings will fall upon you when you obey and follow him, but how much of them you keep is up to you. The more you have, the more you have to maintain, the more persecution, as mentioned, but the more earthly care and complication to life, the more potential for distraction. At some point, it becomes baggage.

    A lavish lifestyle is a poor choice for Christians. It is not a blessing.


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