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I am trying so hard, but obviously not doing a good job at it, to be objective in my public opinions regarding the  Presidential ’08 candidates.   But when there are so many headlines associating Senator Hilary Clinton’s tears with femininity, emotionalism and weakness, with pinches of  buffoonish reasoning that such a display of tears makes her ineligible for such a tough job, I’ve got to ask for help on this one (rhetorical question folks). 

Women who have successfully surpassed the glass ceiling and sit amongst the ranks of men in traditionally male professions or jobs are all to familiar with having to refrain from, or manage their image from doing the exact things men do, which read as weakness and incompetency for women, but a badge of honor for men.  A woman shoots down an disloyal staffer, she is too harsh and possibly insecure.  A man does it, it is a wise preemptive move.  This is the same inconsistency we are dealing with here folks.  Want to see a real display of emotionalism in politics by a man strong enough to lead this nation, click below:

Now that is what I call a tear jerk-er.  And this was former President George Bush Sr. crying to the point of needing consolation while reflecting upon his son, Jeb Bush’s, election defeat.   His pain and display of emotionalism was for his son.  So the nation witnessed a father’s moment on the congressional floor.  What John Edwards would have to say about this after he takes his foot out of his mouth, I’d like to know.  Let Hilary have a mother’s moment at a wedding party and the tickers will spin that. By now Hilary must know, cause girlfriend has been in the game long enough, her quest to be Mrs. President is still a man’s world. No trendsetting trailblazing woman will ever fare well with the quacks that heckle “iron my shirt” or the men behind the podiums at the Presidential debates who really think the same thing.  Archie Bunker, the funny, neigborhood ignoramus, has a way of rearing his head, even in ’08 Presidential candidates.

President Ronald Reagan got shot and one of the most reputable news anchormen had a complete brouhaha breakdown LIVE, and this was not emotionalism.  This was just atypical of a real patriotic American. The same Hilary that was weak for staying with her husband and fighting for her marriage is the same Hilary that was strong for staying with her husband and fighting for her marriage.  In other words, everyone will have an opinion ranging from the archaic-barbaric to  traditional family values to everything goes. 

 200801071643099900131.gifOur current President boo-hoos. “I’ve got God’s shoulder to cry on. And I cry a lot,” Bush says in Dead Certain: The Presidency of George W. Bush, “I do a lot of crying in this job. I’ll bet I’ve shed more tears than you can count, as president. I’ll shed some tomorrow.”  Look at the proof in the pudding as a solitary tear lingers down he left eye of President Bush while honoring a marine at a Congressional Medal of Honor presentation.  So to all of Hilary’s opponents who took her crying episode as a moment to make a political dig, YOU might have dug a hole for yourself by demonstrating that you are not be qualified to fill the shoes that so many of your predecessors have filled, with boatloads of tears.  Cry on, Hilary, you are in good company. Cry us a river!

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One Comment to “CRY US A RIVER, HILARY!”

  1. AlthoughHillary Clinton may not have intended to get choked up initially; it was fair game in politics. She capitalized on it and the women and some men came out and supported what they may have considered to be a genuinely sincere “personal” moment expressed from her heart.. The crying does not make for a weak leader. The issue is before the NH election, Hillary Clinton’s position at the polls must have left her nerves frayed more than usual. Despite her usual poise, she felt the pressure – naturally. Some would say she used the “women’s card” to bait the voters. I think theres merit to that argument in many instances. One can’t help to wonder but getting watery eyes does not make her incompetent.

    The clips are hilarious – but really, any parent (that is in touch with their emotions) at one point in time will shed a tear or cry over their child’s defeats and victories. I think that is natural notwithstanding the fact that the President really went there..Kleenex and all! So, all is fair in emotional moments and politics just as long as it isn’t before an election per se.

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