JOYCE MEYER SAYS “This is what I’m supposed to do”

by MullOverThis

Well, as many of you may know by now, I LLLLOOOOOVVVVEEEEE the church.  Having never sat through an entire episode of the Joyce Meyer Enjoying Everyday Life program, this morning I watched the entire 10 AM EST broadcast on the WORD Network. 

The Bible teacher talked about confidence, denouncing self-centeredness and egocentrism in the “how I feel” factor.  Joyce exhorted us to live based upon what we know.    She used examples of how she learned to acknowledge her feelings, but does not allow them to govern her confidence or what she does.  Joyce stated she does ministry because, “this is what I’m supposed to do”.  We should be like Peter and be bold enough to be the only one to get out of the boat despite our previous mistakes, and be like Paul, do what we are supposed to do and overcome our past.

Meanwhile, she was dressed to the tee and told a little story about how years ago her ministry received negative press questioning her motives and saying “mean” things about her.  She said she was so hurt and embarrassed, she didn’t even want to be seen while getting coffee in the coffee shop.  Since that negative media attention she declared her ministry, staff, viewership, partnerships, and world-wide missions have grown.  “New opportunities” presented themselves, and she was on Good Morning America and Larry King Live.  Joyce explained that people who read about her decided to tune in to her show and see what she was all about.  God vindicated her.   Joyce emphatically relayed a message to Senator Grassley and all who question how donations are spent on her  website:

Joyce is waiting as long as God allows, one, two or maybe ten years for God to vindicate Dave, her children and the entire ministry.   She will not interfere with God’s business and she does NOT have to do it herself.  I have a toasty feeling that Joyce won’t be waiting too long and will  prosper while she waits.

Well, it seems like God is getting ready to increase her ministry again this time because in all the years of Joyce Meyer programming, today I thought, “let me see what she has to say” and guess what, you’ve just heard about it too! Lesson:  Public scrutiny is free and still PUBLICITY.


For BBB Wise Giving Report on JMM see below:

For JMM website see below:


10 Comments to “JOYCE MEYER SAYS “This is what I’m supposed to do””

  1. I just read the BBB report linked in the article. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joyce Meyers’ ministry brings in over $110,000,000 in income and only nets $3,200,000 after expenses!!!! I hope that they receive a public apology from Senator “stick my nose where it don’t belong but ignore all the other obvious corruption going on” Grassley for the mere implication of impropriety that his “inquiry” suggests. If God reacted like he did back in biblical times, this guy would have been struck by lightning already…. then again, so would have I:)

  2. If you think the independent BBB report is telling, go line by line through the reports online. The works that JMM does all over the world is incredible.

  3. I watched an old JB sermon on YouTube where she said we need to thank the people that hurt us because God is used them to push us to the next level. That rejection and hurt caused us to pray and fast to overcome it, thus having a spiritual benefit in the long run. Sometimes people see you in winter and think your branches are cursed, but when spring comes, look for the fruit! You can’t please everyone, and really that should not be our goal anyway. People judge you according to their mood and where they are in life, not always according to your reality. And the reality with Joyce Meyer is that whatever she does or doesn’t do with her money, she speaks the kind of truth that people can use and it always points them back to Jesus.

  4. “People judge you according to their mood and where they are in life, not always according to your reality”—Just thought that deserved a re-reading cause it is that GOOD!

  5. Great post. This comment by NIK also jumped off the screen when I read it:
    “Sometimes people see you in winter and think your branches are cursed, but when spring comes, look for the fruit! You can’t please everyone, and really that should not be our goal anyway.”

    I like your spunk!

  6. DM, Welcome and please drop by often!

    • i agree with you i have lots of her study tapes there are alsome they help me alot i dont know how ypou are but plsese keep my marrgie in pryaer .and my family the devil is a leir thank you god bless if you need prayer want to talk you can call me at 716-603-2866 buffalo n,y

  7. For all the people who criticize Joyce Meyer: What are YOU doing about hungry and homeless people the world over? How many people have you
    influenced for Christ? And if you don’t think that is the most important thing, then you would never have a clue as to what Joyce is really about. She rings true to me. The Spirit of God in Joyce speaks to my heart and encourages me
    time and time again. If nothing else testified for her, the fact of where she came from, and where she’s arrived, speaks volumes. I am a partner with Joyce and am very satisfied about that. I only wish I could give more. EL


  9. We keep trying to get a response from your org. But to no avail. Can someone please make contact we want to be more involved in our community promoting the word.

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